Friday, December 05, 2008

Effexor - Wyeth Impossible to withdraw XR version

I've already said that Wyeth no longer sells Effexor tablets in Brazil. They only sell the XR (extended release).
All data available on SSRIs and SSNIs withdrawal methods uses the tablets. Here is one site on withdrawing Effexor. Joseph Glenmullen and David Healy don't talk about extended release.

When I've spent 19 months withdrawing 225 mg of Effexor the tablets were on the market. Because of withdrawal problems I went back to 150 mg.
I would like to know how am I going to withdraw. I've talked to my psychiatrist today and we are in a dead end here. I have to withdraw to lessen side effects.
Hello Wyeth! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslee from effexor activists here. Please see

Professional Practitioner National Database help withdrawing


The compounding pharmacy will make small doses


Anonymous said...

Leslee here again. Sorry about last message.
Friend just pointed out you are in Brazil. Are there no compounding pharmacies in Brazil? How about the switching to prozac method? Hope this helps. Good luck.


Ana said...


Compounding pharmacies don't work with venlafaxine or any other antidepressant.
I've read the switching to Prozac method.
I'm very confused.
Thank you very much.