Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Analysis of Use of SSRIs in USA 1988--2002 - FDA and Suicides

You can download this paper "An Analysis of Use of Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft in USA 1988--2002" by Graham Aldred here. Some excerpts:

Long Term Use
"Although the majority of patients are forced to drop out during the first year of use, many patients remain on SSRIs for many years, some out of choice, but some become dependant and cannot withdraw. GSK have now been forced to admit that 25% (not 2% as they previously claimed) of patients will have “difficulty” in withdrawing (June 2003).

Other long term patients confuse their drug induced withdrawal symptoms and believe that these are their own original condition and that therefore the drugs must be making them well. The lack of thoroughness of coroner investigations and the inadequacy of post-mortem analyses means that there is no data to indicate how many suicides may be triggered by attempted SSRI withdrawal."


Table1 shows that, in 2002, 7.8 million Americans became new users of either Paxil, Prozac or Zoloft and therefore they faced a net risk of induced suicide that is not likely to be lower than 32/100K and very probably is higher than 104/100K. Nevertheless, even using these cautionary rates, somewhere between 2500 and 8200 excess suicides may have occurred in 2002 alone due to these drugs. Whatever the value of the suicide rate, it was not zero. At least two thousand Americans may have died in 2002 who were not warned of the possible lethal outcome of their SSRI medication. This is the consequence of a dysfunctional drug safety regulation system in which the drug manufacturers have not only failed to disclose evidence of great harm but also have infiltrated virtually every organisation that could criticise, study and report on their drugs with scientific objectivity. This is compounded by the doctors who continually fail in their duty to report possible adverse effects, (i.e. suicide within days of starting the drug), associated with the dangerous drugs that they prescribe so frequently and so readily for virtually all the problems of life, culture and society.
But the spotlight must now fall on the FDA (together with the other national regulators,) to explain why it has been so unreactive, unaware and in such positive denial of the possible harm and deaths caused to the American population by the drugs that it has approved since 1988.


D Bunker said...

FDA and Suicides: Why?

FDA is funded to $2.2 Billion per year. $500 Million of that comes from Drug & Med Device makers as "User Fees". In 2009 the User Fees will increase to $628 Million. With that much $ coming from the very industries FDA is Supposed to be protecting consumers from, there's No way FDA can Afford to care, by exposing how utterly Worthless and Defective those "User Fee" payers products actually are.

Ana said...

D Bunker,
I've tried visiting your blog three time but my computer is freezing.
I'll try again later.
Although I can see that we live in a world that money has become a an end in itself I will never, never understand how these people can keep on destroying people's health and lives.

D Bunker said...

Ana, it's not just Your computer. I've had the comments box to your blog shut me out a few times too.

As for the Psychiatrists themselves, they collect college degrees/work licenses in suffering. It obsesses them. They don't have any cures, or clues, but they have to have a product to sell. They sell what their work license tells them they're experts in.

Read the latest legal filing from Texas against J&J/Janssen. If you can't get to my blog, it's also at Furious Seasons.

Texas is suing J&J for Fraudulently promoting their Risperdal as safer and more effective than the older 'typical' antipsychotics are.

Some of those typicals are phenothiazine based. In 1934 the USDA developed phenothiazines as insecticides. The Texas suit may cost J&J $1 Billion: for FRAUD, by promoting Their Drug as safer than "Bug Killer???", ..... in 5 year old kids?

Money itself has NO conscience. It can Never develop one because it can't think. In piles as big as Pharma's piles, it can only do 1 thing, which is to make itself bigger and bigger at Any and All costs. RICO and other Anti Fraud Laws Must be used to smash that Money into smaller piles.

Only when we make it illegal for Psychiatrists to take 1 Cent of Pharma or Govt Money, will the problem go away.

What you're battling here is a monster that doesn't even Know it exists: a Matterhorn of Blind Idiot Drug Money that corrupts Everyone it touches. It's No different than illegal street drug sales except that Pharma is Big enough to have bought itself Govt protection.

Please, Don't ever give up. Keep blogging, informing and inspiring others. And someday, entering the term Psychiatry into a search engine will return enough blogs like yours to crowd all of those Drug Money Owned Bio Psychiatric pages of [deleted] Right off the web.

D Bunker @ psychroaches.blogspot.com

Ana said...

My computer is old.
I've been reading on the promotion of atypical antipsychotics to "cure" everything.
I've tried to read your post on Risperdal but this old junk has frozen.
Thank you for letting me see that what I'm doing make a difference.
Yours truly,