Saturday, December 20, 2008

PSSD - SSRI-sex group - I urge psychiatrists to join

I've joined SSRI-sex group. I would like to ask psychiatrists to join the group and study. If their clinical experience is not enough to make them see that something is going wrong perhaps by reading these testimonies and seeing patients trying to find a cure for their iatrogenic condition they can start to have some questions.
This is one of the polls. If people are reporting these kind of symptoms and their physicians close their eyes and remain silent I believe that something quite strange is going on.
Take a good look at this:
(To have real access to this poll you have to be here at SSRI-sex group. It's just a copy.)

This is a poll to determine how common specific sexual symptoms are. If you are suffering from a symptom, please check the box to the left of that symptom. You may check more than one box. Please do not answer if you are still taking SSRIs.

You can change your vote until the moderator closes this poll.



susan said...


poll not working, or doesn't appear to be.

Ana said...

I've copied and pasted the pool and it's shown as it's at Yahoo group.
Only works if you're on the group.
I have to explain it.
Thank you for noticing.
Hope you're fine!

Anonymous said...

From the Boston Globe, December 22, A big pill for healthcare to swallow

"The drug companies have mastered the art of purchasing favorable results. In the same election cycle that brought record presidential fund-raising from grassroots donors, the pharmaceutical industry contributed over $22 million to members of Congress. It hedged contributions evenly between the Republican and Democratic parties for the first time in nearly 20 years. Pfizer, a longtime donor to the GOP, is now doling out 51 percent of its campaign contributions to Democratic candidates."

Ana said...

This is all very scary.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will make you feel better, and maybe it's a new trend. Maybe drug companies, like other entities, lead by example.

From the Wall Street Journal, Dec 22, 6:37pm EST: Glaxo Plans to End Political Donations

I'm no fan of GSK of course, but this is a step in the right direction for a change. And of course they're making these step because, essentially, they got caught. This paragraph from the article was mildly amusing and disgusting:

"Major pharmaceutical companies have taken steps in recent years to try to be more transparent about their businesses, including posting information about clinical trials and political donations on company Web sites. Some companies also are planning to post data on payments to doctors."

Yes, taking steps because they've been getting hit with lawsuits. How nice of them.

But as I said, whatever the motivation, it's a step in the right direction. Too bad politicians don't just simple decline their generous contributions, but hey, forward motion is better than no motion at all.

Ana said...

I'll try not to be pessimist.
But I don't trust them.
Jesus Andy!
GSK has killed 12 babies in Argentina during vaccine clinical trials against pneumonia:
Eli-Lilly has killed 5 during Cymbalta clinical trials.
Too much money.
This mafia don't care that people are having long-term symptoms/ impossible withdrawal... all you know.
You know, I know... THEY KNOW and KNEW before the drugs were put on the market.