Monday, December 22, 2008

I am grateful...

... happy and very moved.
I've received a lot this year from all of you. Last Saturday I've started to write a post on it:

"Today was a great day and I'm feeling happy.
First it was Fiddy who made a Tribute to the Lady Campaigners to fourteen amazing women. I was one of them.
It was A Hoy's

Ana inspires me every day, with her passion for humanity based on her own struggles. Because of what she has lived and witnessed, she advocates for others with compassion.
Determination, Indomitable spirit, and no small intelligence. It takes a great deal to keep going when one is complaining about something that people have a vested interest in not changing - there's nothing very satisfying about talking to a brick wall!
A wealth of information, is Ana's blog, and a thoroughly decent person, is Ana."

I didn't finish the post. The two comments above are two votes to Weellsphere. I don't care about the votes. I never thought I was being seem this way and it makes me... I don't know.
I'm starting to have some amazing people coming to my blog.
I have to confess that the blog
New York on Time by Jorge Pontual - the last on my A Hoy list - is very special for me. He's a Brazilian journalist who lives in New York for 10 years. I'll talk about him later. I thought that it would take months to hear from him. He answered on Saturday.
Yesterday Susan called me.
Her sweet voice is still in my mind and soul.
I'm so overwhelmingly moved that once again I'll not finish this post.
I'll publish it this way and try to catch up later.

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