Friday, December 05, 2008

The three great problems of psych-drugs

It was in April, 2008 that I came across with Philip Dawdy's Furious Seasons. I've been searching the Web for some answers since 2003. But it was in 2005 that I've found sites and informations that deal with the patients problems with psych-drugs.
During the last 9 months I dedicated all my time on these issues. I've spend three months commenting on Furious Seasons and I decided to open this blog where I try to raise some of the concerns we all share.
What amazes me the most is how difficult it is to make people understand how side effects are debilitating. The list is long and the side effects are serious and I believe those who are trying to make others see it have came across with the phrase "these drugs destroy lives" at least a couple of times.
Unfortunately it's not too far from reality, at least the reality of those who are claiming that they were affected. Perhaps we are a minority, perhaps we were not lucky. I don't know.
Another problem is withdrawal. There are numerous testimonials on the withdrawal hell. However physicians are very confused in helping those who are withdrawing.
To make the whole picture: long-term harms experienced by some who have quit the drug but still experience side effects.
I believe that these are the three problems that we are trying hard to make people understand. I'm not only talking about those who were diagnosed with any illness that psych-drugs are supposed to help. Unfortunately psych-drugs are being over prescribed.
I'm sure that some physicians who are really concerned with their patients are aware of all of these. However it seems that patient's needs are far from being recognized or even validated.
It seems to me that those who are blogging, participating in groups to help each other, commenting on the good blogs would love to listen that side effects are not that easy to cope, withdrawal is hell and, Jesus, long-term harm is... I don't even know the right word to use since unacceptable is not a reality: some people will have to cope with them, accept them.
I hope that the next year we can have some good news. I hope so.

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