Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 victory - After 22 alerts Mindfreedom stopped Ray Sandford's forced electroshock sessions - Help make FDA tell truth about ECT

This was one of the victories of the year that I would like to remember. We receive so many bad news when dealing with mental health treatments that we have to celebrate the victories so that we become stronger and stronger and never lose faith in fighting. This is the celebration page at Mindfreedom's site:

Alert 22: Victory Day for Ray Sandford!

MindFreedom has campaigned for the right of Ray Sandford to say "no" to his ongoing, outpatient forced electroshock. Today the Ray Campaign has finally achieved victory: No More Forced Electroshock for Ray, Ever!

Alert 22: Victory Day for Ray Sandford!

Ray Sandford

22 October 2009

Today, Ray Sandford of Minnesota phoned the MindFreedom office with some very good news:

It is official.

After more than 40 involuntary, outpatient electroshocks (also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT), Ray has won.

The court agreed to his change of guardianship. Ray's new guardians support his right to say "no" to intrusive procedures such as electroshock.

Ray made this comment for MindFreedom International members and supporters, who have backed his campaign for almost exactly one year.

"I'm a bit overwhelmed. This is wonderful! I'm very thankful. Without your help I probably would still be sitting somewhere getting more forced electroshock. So thanks a lot to and your group. Praise and thank the Lord, amen!"

Said David Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International, "Ray's courage and laser focus led to a campaign that proves the 'mad movement' is alive and well. The sheer level of people power had to break through. I know some feel discouraged by the immense oppression of sanism. Think of Ray. There is an ancient Persian saying: 'No one is tired on victory day!'"


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News: Less Than Two Weeks for You to Speak Out Against Reclassifying Electroshock Device

The FDA says it may de-regulate electroshock... when it's never regulated the device in the first place.

There is still time to take action!

Maybe because of outrage expressed by mental health advocates, including MindFreedom, the FDA opened up a "docket" for public comment until January 8, 2010. This could be the last official opportunity for years for concerned citizens to let the FDA know just how important it is to hold the ECT industry accountable for its claims that these devices are safe.

Linda Andre, author of the book "Doctors of Deception: What They Don't Want You to Know About Shock Treatment" said: "For 30 years, FDA has been on record stating that ECT is a risky procedure which can cause brain damage and permanent amnesia, and the agency could have taken action at any time to protect patients, but it did not. A generation of patients has been subjected to an untested, unsafe procedure. It is far past time for the FDA to require that ECT be investigated for safety, and that means clinical trials, not selective literature reviews."

You may purchase Linda Andre's new book critical of electroshock, Doctors of Deception, via MindFreedom's MAD MARKET, click here:


To take action about stopping the FDA from reclassifying the electroshock device, click here.

For more background info about electroshock, and links to more info click here.

For a gateway of updated info about campaign to zapback against FDA rubber stamping electroshock, click here.

PsychRights, a sponsor group of MindFreedom International, also has info about speaking out to the FDA, to read this click here.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and let's be more active in 2010! Maybe we have to learn to stop fearing action, be more bold and put aside little disagreements in the best ways to achieve goals. Less discussion and more action.


susan said...

Thank you so much for this Ana.

Happy Happy new year to you and Nell.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ana, for making us aware of this issue. I had no idea this could still be going on. I have so much still to learn, as I navigate my way through this system.
More action indeed. I so appreciate you and your blog!

Ana said...

Happy New Year for you and Holly too!

We are always learning! This is just an information.
Wow! You made my day by telling me the last phrase.
Yippee! Yippee!