Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bob Fiddaman cuts off ties with MHRA over their failure to admit that Seroxat/Paxil/Aropax is teratogen

I received this e-mail from Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers and I want to publish it:
Dear all,
I haven't sent a mass email out for some time.
Some of you will know that I have cut off ties with the MHRA, basically over their failure to highlight the fact that Seroxat/Paxil is a teratogen. They are, I believe, once again, not acknowledging the evidence that is out there.
I sent the MHRA a lengthy email stating the reasons why I no longer wish to continue corresponding with them - I have met them on 5 separate occasions.
This has resulted in the CEO of the MHRA, Kent Woods, sending me an email, an email that was 13 months overdue.
There is a serious problem here that the MHRA will not address.
Please pass on this email and/or link to those on your list, tweet it or Facebook it.
I am in no doubt that the MHRA are not safeguarding the public with regard to Seroxat being a teratogen [a drug that causes abnormalities in fetuses] - and the more people that know about this, the better.
Thank you for your time
That is appalling. This is the regulatory agency that is taking care of British people health. FDA does the same and regulates not only US market but also some of those who have poor regulation.
Crimes against humanity that is what you are doing.


Marj aka Thriver said...

I just wanted to come by, sweet Ana, and tell you how much I appreciated your kind words and caring in your comment at my blog. Thank you! You're the best!

Ana said...

You are amazing!