Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today is Humans Right Day - WHO does nothing and others keep silent - Thank you all bloggers who are fighting this war and are really advocating

And this is what WHO has written about health:

Health and human rights

WHO Constitution: "the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being..."

Every country in the world is now party to at least one human rights treaty that addresses health-related rights. This includes the right to health as well as other rights that relate to conditions necessary for health.

The role of the Health and Human Rights Team is to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of WHO and its Member States to integrate a human rights-based approach to health.

  • Advance the right to health in international law and international development processes.

  • Advocate for health-related human rights.
:: For an overview of WHO's work in health and human rights, click here [pdf 98kb]

Funny because WHO is not saying anything against the hideous side effects of psych-drugs or that these drugs are addictive and I have already send them e-mails back in 2005 and got no reply.
I thank all the bloggers that are trying to raise awareness about one of the most important topics about Humans Rights violations:

Informing people about the dangers of antidepressants, anti-psychotics and other psych-drugs that are being pushed to many people either they need them or not.

I want to thanks Philip Dawdy for his work at Furious Seasons, yes I am talking one more time about Philip Dawdy, because he is the sole journalist that is doing a real journalistic approach while the mainstream media is following the rules of the pharmaceutical industry and lying to the people to say the least.
He also has made many people start their own blog and I am one of them.
Thank you Philip Dawdy. You are really helping to raise awareness on this violation of Humans Right: the right to be informed; the right to be heard; name it... too many Humans Right violations against psychiatric patients and people who started taking these drugs because of greed of politicians all over the world, shareholders and who knows WHO else.
It will be known as a crime against humanity in the future. We are talking about teratogenic medicines; medicines that affect mind, body and soul.

Happy Humans Right Day!

PS: I have joined the Blog Unites for this event Humans Right Day. They are doing a good job fighting for Humans Right in countries like Iran, China, Myanmar, China, Burundi and many others where people are physically restrained.
It seems that US and Europe are doing very well in what Humans Right is concerned.
I have this post on the list and a comment a did. I hope they publish it of they think about it's importance.

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