Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Foundation for a Drug-Free World: Publications - Presciption Drug Abuse

Foundation for a Drug-Free World: Publications - Presciption Drug Abuse
I Just came across with these booklets and one of them is about psych-drugs:

"We are a nonprofit public benefit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California that makes available educational materials in dozens of languages across 125 countries so youth and adults can make informed decisions to be drug-free. Through our international drug prevention network we work with youth, parents, educators, volunteer organizations and government agencies, providing information, advice and coordination. In short, we work with anyone interested in helping people lead lives free from drug abuse.

Through a worldwide network of volunteers 50 million educational handouts have been distributed, tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held in some 60 countries and Truth About Drugs educational films have been aired on some 180 TV stations and in more than 170 public venues. These materials and activities have enabled people around the world to learn the destructive effects of drugs and decide for themselves not to use them.

The Foundation’s materials are widely credited with significantly reducing drug use among school-age youth."

I have just ordered the booklets. They come in Portuguese! There is a booklet for psych-drugs. I will use it to try to raise awareness in Brazil.
My word is not of any value. Maybe with something from US I can make some people, one is already great!, understand what they are taking.

February 3, 2010

I received one of their booklets:
Whey they didn't say it at their site before we order and receive this terrible propaganda full of fanaticism?
I will write about it later. Not this week because I am too busy.


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