Saturday, January 02, 2010

I have to stay away from the computer due to back pain and that is why I am not answering e-mails or visiting blogs

Yep! I have to avoid the computer as much as I can and do exercises and walk. The bright side is that I am socializing and taking care of food and everything. If I don't take care now I will turn into a bended lady and I don't want it to happens. I have a disc-hernia at the L5 and now I'm also having problems in my shoulders. To make things more interesting my ankles started to swell a little and I went to my GP that made an blood exam that showed that I have to go to a specialist of rheumatism because I might have any problem.
I will spend this month taking care of these ailments and also doing funny and pleasant things.
Lemonade! It's very hot and it's good to have lemonade in summer. :)


Sandee said...

Take care of yourself and get better. Being not able to move very well isn't fun. Do what your doctor says.

It's winter here and it's cold. I don't like the cold. I like the summer and boating. I can't wait for it to warm up again.

Have a terrific day Ana. Big hug. :)

susan said...

feel better sweetie.

Ana said...

Thank you Sandee and Susan!
Just checking for a minute if there is any news.
I also hate winter and whenever I say "Oh! It's too hot! There I go take another cold shower or go to the swimming pool!"
I remember the cold you are all feeling and I and that summer will be over in two months I remember I have to enjoy it.

Ana said...

Time for exercising....
:( :)

Anonymous said...

Feel better and do what you have to do so you are not in pain. I'll be thinking of you and miss you, but glad your taking time to take care of yourself.

Ana said...

Thank you!
I will be publishing at my other blog.
I cannot be totally away from the computer.
I don't watch TV. LOL
Love you!!!!!!!!!

Radagast said...

I've got an exercize for you, which my brother-in-law (a chiropractor), taught me, when I had a back spasm and I could barely move, one time.

Stand up straight, put your hands on your hips, and arch your back (backwards), like a gardener, who's just been bent over digging. Don't strain, but just when it begins to "tighten," hold it for a couple of seconds, before returning to the upright position. Do it two or three times. Repeat every hour, or two, as necessary. Worked wonders for me!

Anyway, wishing you a speedy recovery (for wont of a better expression).


Ana said...

Just did it! And will do it several times a day.
Thank you Matt!

I believe the head must be left relaxed while pending, isn't it?

I hope you never have back problems again.

I came to publish something about Obama's axis of evil, he named the countries dear Lord!, but I will walk now.
I never thought that there was room for such a measure since Obama has made many promises that he would not follow Bush's steps.
He is a puppet.
I believe we are on the verge of a very serious war.
I hope I am wrong. But I don't think I am. Unfortunately.

Radagast said...

[shrug] People disagree over such tiny things, which they pretend are significant, I've noticed. It's a paradox: the ones most in need of an alternative perspective are the ones least likely to seek it.

Anyway, I wrote to O'Bama, about Ray Sandford, amongst other things. He didn't write back, of course. But he does talk to "big business". One might say "well, of course, you prick - did you expect the President of the United States to talk to a non-entity, like you?" Well, no, I didn't, and given the fact that he's no more my superior than the guy who collects my trash, each Tuesday, I find that strange... He's pretending that he's better than me... In fact, he actually believes that his political office makes him the superior of his peers - he wouldn't be able to hold that office if he didn't believe in his own primacy. Which regrettably underlines what is wrong with the world, not that anybody's about to change it, least of all me! That's not a religious conviction, incidentally - it's a matter of fact - everybody has an almost identical intellectual capacity, as far as I can tell, although even this has been refuted.

Anyway, enough aimless waffle from me...


Ana said...

"the ones most in need of an alternative perspective are the ones least likely to seek it."

I will not even talk about poor people because I have an idea about the reasons they are not able to seek for it.
But there is a part of the middle class who has received education blah blah... and knows the roots of some problems and that has always, since middle class was originated, been the voices that raises the voice.
I will repeat it for the I-don't know-how-many-times our voices are not being heard.
This is sad.

" "well, of course, you prick - did you expect the President of the United States to talk to a non-entity, like you?" Well, no,"

Not him but since he is representing American people and America has a huge influence in politics all over the world there should be a group of people to give the US president views on some issues especially when crimes against humanity is at stake.
Okay, okay! I'm being idealist.
Gee! I hope I never lose it or part of me will die.
The man who collects your trash?
I wouldn't trade him for Obama.
Let's suppose that Obama and him were hostages.
The way thinks go I would save your trash collector and let leave Obama.
I don't think that changing the White House man changes too much.
But your trash collector?
He affects you directly and I can see you talking to him and asking about his family.
Van Gogh had immortalized his postman and this man and his family helped him a lot.

For those who are not Matt:
These are mere ramblings not any official statement.

I'm doing the exercise you described and it's helping.
But I have to be away from this thing here.

Radagast said...

I think, quite often, the very act of doing something (particularly something that others have had success with), has some therapeutic value - it puts one in a better frame of mind, if nothing else. I'm talking about your back, incidentally!

Anyway, the notion of equality is one that is trumpeted by pretty much every religion and every state - certainly the "democratic" ones. And yet, the very possibility of equality is never recognized by the system itself (it's rejected, in fact), which is founded upon the basis that people are unequal - that some are more intelligent than others, or stronger, or more wealthy, or have access to more resources, and so on. The very fact that the office of President of the United States exists at all demonstrates this - 300mm people, all of whom are controlled by a single leader, who appears to only hear them when they're making the decision to elect him. The upshot is that, in a system founded upun superiority, there will be an underclass, an insane battle to avoid being part of that underclass and an equally insane battle to retain primacy.

As far as I know, O'Bama doesn't regard Ray Sandford as an equal, for example. Would O'Bama wish to be given involuntary ECT? Doubtful. And yet he didn't see himself in Ray Sandford's shoes - if he had, he would surely have stopped the treatment, immediately.

Nope, the whole thing's a lie. But I don't care, because I'm not part of that, anymore. The things that people will do, when they've decided that another person isn't "one of them". Nothing is so grotesque that it surprises me, anymore. Humans are capable of anything, when they're defending their piddling intersts.


Ana said...

I'm reading the comment you left at FS and at Pharmalot.
This is the first time I visit Pharmalot. Can you believe it?
FS has so many information that I don't have time to check other blogs.

Yes... doing something really puts you on another frame of mind. It took me a lot of time to fully understand it.
I will go to Pharmalot now and be back tomorrow to explain it and add my ramblings on the political issues.

For those who are not Matt...
Refer yourself to the last paragraph of my last comment.

Ana said...

FOr those who are not Matt,

We can start another topic! But please nothing official... never...