Sunday, December 06, 2009

SSRI-stories reports a violent behavior due to psych-drugs almost daily

These are from SSRI-stories from 11/30 to 12/05. Almost daily a death caused by psych-drugs, maily antidepressants SSRI/SSNIs. It this is not enough evidence I wonder what else is necessary. These are the cases that SSRI-stories could find. How many are not there? The cases in countries that are not of English language are not included.
We do not know the real statistics and the US, UK and other governments have no interest in searching for these data because they do not want to admit the truth.
This is the psychiatry that is being practiced in countries all over the world.

Antidepressant 2009-11-30 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Girl Says Antidepressant Causes her to be Uncontrollably Angry All the Time

Suicide Med For Depression 2009-11-30 India Member of Indian Administrative Services Kills Self:Totally Unexpected

Murder Med For Depression & OCD Withdrawal 2009-11-30 Florida Man Shoots & Kills 4 Relatives During Thanksgiving Dinner

Assault Zoloft & Geodon2009-12-01 FloridaWoman Assaults Another Woman on Golf Course: Was in Withdrawal from Geodon But Still On Zoloft

Assault Antidepressants 2009-12-02 EnglandWoman Assaults Police Officer

Withdrawal SSRIs/Antidepressants2009-12-03Global ++Withdrawal is Sometimes More Severe Than the Original Symptoms or Problem: Peoples Pharmacy

Violence Med For Depression 2009-12-03 Canada Son Beats Mother: Drives Car into Abutment: Out of Character: On & Off Depression Med

Aggression Effexor2009-12-03 New Jersey Police Officer Become Aggressive With Captain: Is Fired: Files Lawsuit

Suicide Antidepressant 2009-12-03 England Man's Death Forces Change in Police Policy

Infant Abuse Antidepressants 2009-12-03 Wisconsin Child Care Director On Trial: Innocent Until Proven Guilty: On Meds At Time: Trial Continues

Suicide Prozac/Wellbutrin & Adderall 2009-12-04 Massachusetts 19 Year Old Honors Student at Harvard Commits Suicide: Lawsuit

Murder Prozac2009-12-04 Iraq/New YorkSoldier Stabs to Death Two Fellow Soldiers

Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressant Withdrawal 2009-12-04 Minnesota 27 Year Old in Recent Withdrawal from Med For Depression Attempts Suicide-By-Cop

Assault Med For Depression 2009-12-04 Scotland 26 Year Old Man Assaults 16 Year Old Girl

Death Antidepressants & Sleeping Pills2009-12-04 England Woman Who Was Depressed Dies From Prescription Meds: Open Verdict: Possible Suicide

Murder-Suicide Antidepressants2009-12-05 Ohio Father Kills his Two Children & Himself

Thank you Rosie for this database.

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