Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Psychiatrists, please! Can you listen for a moment?

Philip Dawdy have published today Neuroscientist Defends Forced ECT and there has been many comments from patients on psychiatry.
I think it's worthy to take a look just to have an idea on how much harm psychiatry is doing to people.
I'm not anti-psychiatrist or anything of this kind. But with the amount of data available I think that it's about time to have at least some efforts from this branch of medicine to listen to their patients.
This silence and denial of harms have already gone too far.
We deserve some answers.


Radagast said...

I've said this before, but I'm bound to repeat myself, until somebody addresses the point, I suppose: psychiatry will always fail, because it requires patients to be aberrant, in order for psychiatry to be right.

Now, think of that in the context of a person who is already vulnerable, whose experience of life is not one of tolerance and love, but suspicion and outright cruelty. They have constantly been told that they are wrong, and stupid, and many other destructive things; constantly invalidated as human beings, in other words. And, now, here's a psychiatrist to confirm what everybody else has been saying; to make it official. But nobody, nobody, will explain how they're wrong, so that they can do what is required of them. Except, what is required of them is to be aberrant; that's how they fit into the system: by being aberrant, so that somebody else can be right.

How fucked is that? These poor fuckers have spent their lives searching for their own answers, trying to discover a truth that means that they're not shit, and along comes science, to prove that they *are* shit. Hooray!


Ana said...

I'm so angry that I've better say nothing for the moment.

Stan said...

Well stated Matt!

{Stan now pushes applause button and stands up from computer chair}.

Trying to imagine Ana not saying anything? The colors dude, the colors! {laughing}


Ana said...

I'm just tired Stan. Just tired.

susan said...


You haven't posted in a few days. Worried.

Hope you and Nell are OK.

Your friend,


p.s. the tree just came to NYC!

Ana said...

Hi dear my friend.
Thank you for your concern.
I think I was posting when you're wrote it.
I'm sad today.
But tomorrow I'll be fine.