Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've just received a gift!

I hope PreciousRock don't get jealous but I'm starting to think that it would be great to leave Brazil for a while. These lunatic blog friends are so handsome! It's difficult to choose between US or UK.


preciousrock said...

Dear Ana,
You can be sure that I will be jealous and that I will fight you for my Stan the Man. :-) You'd better go to the UK, lol.

Ana said...

I would never fight you back. There's a female code of conduct and I hold it dear.
You've already told me he's yours.
I'll stay here.
Unfortunately some women are helping some Brazilian men behave like a full.

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Don't call me "Fucking Loony"! you are not qualified to make such disconcerting diagnosis; you crazy person. {laughing} Now I feel like a Web Whore, thanks a lot!

Yours Truly,

Stephany said...

hey is this a new blog award or something!? lol

Ana said...

This is not a diagnosis. Normal is boring so, it's a kind of a compliment. Matt has already said "we nutters" I didn't care and even liked it.
Web whore?
NO! Eligible Bachelor!
But you have already been chosen. She saw you first.

Gee! Perhaps I should rewrite the post.

I've said to Stan that I would like to see the picture and he was kind enough to send me.

Stan said...

Dearest Ana:

That's OK, that's not really me after all; as I just stole a picture off of GQ magazine and used it anywise.

I'm really 4'2", 689lbs, bald, with no teeth, only one testicle from an unfortunate bowling accident, and have really bad constant flatulence.

I am almost like Herbie and TF rolled into one great big Holiday Gift package {on floor in pain laughing my two ton ass off}. But I do have a great personality as they say {laughing}.

Yours Truly,

susan said...


In the blogosphere there are only 3 awards that matter- The Koda award, the A-Hoy, and the Stan award!


(And is he a hunk or what?)

Ana said...