Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I wish a nice Thanksgiving Day to all my US friends.


Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Happy Thanksgiving! If you can get in; I posted my wishes for all us brave posters on my blog for this holiday season.

Now I will quote some of what you said at FS:

"I open a blog on literature and arts.
This is beyond my strength.
What keeps me going is thinking that other people will not be prescribed these things unless it's really necessary.
But it seems to be far from this day.
I wake up every day and the first thing I do after taking a cup of coffee is coming to try to do something.
It's useless!
I'm wasting my time."

You're still here posting, because we are the last bastion of hope and reason in this Big Business Mega Pharmaceutical controlled world.

You keep on fighting Ana, you are a Hero; we all are Hero's for standing up against insurmountable odds, an unending money stream of propaganda, the pure greed destroying millions of lives, and taking our next generations of youth away for us.

If they are lost; then we all are truly lost and defeated!

You're Bloggery Pal,

Stephany said...

I'm thankful for friends!

Ana said...

I've just woke up, got my coffee and... here I'm! :)
Sometimes it's hard and i get very frustrated.
But the next day I remember how serious people are being affected because of these drugs.
It's amazing what a pill can cause.

I'm also thankful for friends!

Love you all

susan said...

You have a great day too Ana. Even though they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods, I am grateful you and Nell are my friends...

And I wish I knew how to send Nell a turkey leg for supper!

Ana said...

Thank you Susan.

Nell doesn't eat meat. Her mother is a bore and only gives her the industrial meal that she thinks is the best for her.

Oh my poor baby!

Stephany said...

Add chocolate to coffee with milk! that's my favorite!

I agree, we need to keep pushing the pharma truth into public, and it DOES get very hard to do at times, too emotional for me to do.

Keep up the good work Ana! (and everyone!)

Ana said...

Thank you Stephany.

I don't know exactly what I'm doing. I just keep posting.
I have to thank you all for the support.