Monday, October 13, 2008

Number 3 killer in America - Iatrogenesis

Searching for IATROGENESIS I've found this article and I'm glad that someone has noticed that the concept is not known.

The Number 3 Killer in America is Iatrogenesis
By Daryl Kulak

The number 1 killer in America? Heart disease. Number 2? Cancer. Number 3? Iatrogenesis.

Have you ever heard of iatrogenesis? The word doesn't even sound that harmful. It comes from two Greek words – iatros – meaning physician, and genesis – meaning created. Yes, the number 3 killer in America is death by doctor.

Did you know this? Wasn't it plastered all over the newspapers? Unbelievably, it was not broadcast on cable news channels, daily newspapers or on the radio.

This might make you suspect the origin of my claim. Did it come from some crazy tabloid? Some off-the-wall Website?

Well, that depends. It depends on whether you consider the Journal of the American Medical Association as a crazy tabloid. I really don't think it is. These statistics were published clearly and convincingly in the most esteemed medical journal in the world.

Here it is the entire article.


Stan said...

Dearest Ana:

Will have to strongly consider this next time I go to doctor for a cold, broken bone, or any other mundane problem; the damn sum of a inches may kill me {laughing].

Though This has been pretty common knowlegde for sometimes; medical mistakes lead to staggering numbers in loss of life. I mean one in three odds are pretty good right? But then what other choice do we have except giving the Penguins mass ammounts of micro-brewed beer and let them take over the health care system {Smirk}.

Yours Truly,

Ana said...


I don1t know Stan. I've been too angry and sad lately.
Medical mistakes seems to be countless now.
Mistake means that there's a procedure that is good and the physician didn't follow it.

Now we see treatments that are not good but they keep on using it.

It's not a mistake.
How can we call it?

Stan said...

Dearest Ana:

To answer your question? "It's not a mistake.
How can we call it?"

I call it Bullshit, of course others use different terminology {laughing}

Yours Truly,

Ana said...

How polite of you!{laughing}