Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nemeroff in Brazil

This is one of many sites that are online in Brazilian Portuguese.

No need to translate because you already know about the wonders of Cymbalta in healing chemical imbalance and the few side effects of this wonderful drug.

Just take a look at the source - the last paragraph of the page:

Ref. Bibliograf.:
Nemeroff CB, Schatzberg AF, Goldstein DJ, Detke MJ, Mallinckrodt C, Lu Y. Duloxetin for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Psychopharmacology Bull 2002. 36(4): 106-132.



susan said...

Thanks for posting this Ana.

I am currently on Cymbalta.

I could understand the Portuguese! Six years of Spanish paid off!

I hope it's sunny in Brazil today. It's been raining here, very very hard. So hard they had to cancel the World Series!

Ana said...

I'm glad you understood!
Six years!? It's a lot.

It's not sunny, it's cloudy but not cold. It seems it's going to rain.
Our clime is strange.
At this time of the year it should be sunny and hot.
But now you can go out on a sunny day and come home under rain.

Radagast said...

The Nematode in Brazil? And Schatzberg, too? Isn't he the jolly japer who started that "mental illness is going to abduct your child" ad campaign, out of NYU? Oh, well, "birds of a feather, flock together" as they say. And wankers appear to hang around one another, too!


Ana said...

ADHD is a terrible disease and many children need Ritalin.
I prefer the old way: "-You're grounded. No TV for two days!"; "-Go to your room!" but it seems more fashionable the Harvard way.