Saturday, September 20, 2008

Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec

Impressionists used to portrait their friends and it was usual to show something related to the artist's work.
This is Van Gogh portrait by Toulouse Lautrec.

This is a 1884 Van Gogh painting. Haven't you just seen this glass and the bottle somewhere else?


Jena said...

Thank you for sharing these paintings. They can be interpreted in so many ways. i am exploring painting myself, and i am inspired by great work.

susan said...

I love these paintings.

Ana, I so wish I had a million dollars so I could let all my friends see Van Gogh and stay in Manhattan for a week to sight see and sshop.

Ana said...

Yes. They are amazing.
I like all "impressionists" and love to see the differences of their search and work.

I wish I was rich too. Not rich but have money at least to go to NY.

Clueless said...


I love these. Thank you for sharing them.

Ana said...

I have a collection of paintings that painters make reference to their colleagues by portraying on their work their friend's work.
Perhaps I should open a blog to share some paintings I like.
I love arts.

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Funny the bottle and glass don't appear to me like that visually until the bottle is much closer to empty. I guess I need to drink more and get better insight {laughing}.

your blog buddy:

Ana said...

Just one more glass Stan!
Just one for the road. :)