Saturday, September 20, 2008

To Susan

Van Gogh's Paris's roofs

A photography taken decades after Vincent's painting. Ops... a century after.


susan said...

Thank you dearest Ana.

I hope you can see the Van Gogh exibit.

Ana said...

How I wish!
Never been at MOMA.:(
No money... no MOMA!

Take two tours for me.

Clueless said...

Please, come check out today's post. There are things for you.

susan said...

Clueless, I am confused.

For me or for our dearest webmaster Ana?

Ana said...

Dear Clueless,
Thank you for remembering me. I'm very touched that you've added my name.

It is for me. She awarded and "reawarded" me. I don't know why my first reaction receiving some compliments and now this awards is as if a tragedy has just happened. lol
I usually close the browser window and stay freeze for some seconds.
I'll come back to my senses tomorrow.

Ana said...

Your beautiful smile is giving me luck!
RIP sweetheart!