Monday, September 01, 2008

Another day in paradise

This is not the way I wanted to start September but we are not master of our thoughts. I'm watching Vanessa Redgrave in "The Fever" and I remembered how early I came across with the ugliness of the world.
Many ideas are back in my mind but nothing remarkable so I just stare at the wall hopeless.
From my twenties, time when I thought many changes were about to happen, till now I've seen things get worse and nobody seems to care anymore. I believe that some people don't even pretend not to see, they really don't see.
I will stare for a while not searching for answers, just staring...
to gain strength.


Stephany said...

There is still good and beauty in the world, and those who continually seek that, see it.That's all that matters, even though we know there is evil and life has pain; I am always amazed at the beauty I can see in a day.There's always something that makes me smile.

Ana said...

Yes! I see beauty everyday. But sometimes I cannot help remembering the evil.

Stan said...

Dearest Ana:

Don't even think about a black box donation you sick and twisted evil creature {laughing}. Hey, Check out "The Trouble with Spikol" Blog.

I think I might be public enemy # 1by her liberal left wing readers.

Good thing your from Brazil where they are all communist or crazy {Smirk}. Hope you are doing well my friend; it's appears I can actually think and can use my mind today! Which feels somewhat strange, since I have felt retarded in thought and action for so long; it seems like forever now. Please don't warn people that I'm starting to think again, let them find out that horrible unearthly reality by themselves {laughing}.

Your Bloggery Buddy

Ana said...

But the madam said that despite all that data "old" men could still have healthy children! lol
I'll search Spikol's blog...
I'm happy you're back. Very happy!
I will not tell anyone and nobody will search on this post.
Too sad and boring. lol
As a matter of fact in Rio people are a little bit crazy. There has been a deterioration in my city.
It's sad.
But it's still beautiful.
Sure! Communism everywhere!

Jena said...

Wow, you know, I've never really paid attention to that song's lyrics mostly because of my generation. I was so moved when I watched the video and listened to the words. I knew the melody, but suddenly it meant little in comparison to its lyrics. I'm glad you shared it. It evoked emotion, touched my heart, and and it made me think. I believe that there is pain and suffering, yes, but that we can help. I think more people should think about helping.

Ana said...

It's not because of your generation. I also didn't pay attention to the lyric because I was always carried away by the music.
I have put this video on a blog I had and some people said the same.
It's so hard to find the way to help today!