Monday, September 15, 2008

"I still become out of control angry living in a world where only a select group of people on the internet even understand the harm done to me."

"A world prepared to let somalia fester for 20 years, and let africa starve, can hardly be expected to suddenly dawn an age of reason in mental health. I don't know."

"When harm lasts thousands of days and grows in intensity, its hard to land again."
by Poe

Whenever I read this comment that Poe left in Furious Seasons I cannot help myself from feeling touched.
I'm fine but I cannot live behind this issue. I don't even think about what has happened to me but... perhaps I'm lying to myself. Why do I get so touched and angry?
Yesterday when I've received the newspaper with the story of the drug-dealer that was arrested in a mental institution I was infuriated. I go to this institute and talk to some patients or family. There's always a story, a sad story.
I think a lot about some of my blog buddies and seeing people suffering without knowing that they are taking drugs that are causing them harm and I cannot do anything...
I don't know. I really don't know. I feel like crying, I get angry... I don't know.


Jena said...

Harmful situations that affect others often leave passionate people (like you) angry. There's a sense of helplessness and wonderment if the complete stripping of faith is possible. But the sensitivity and passion together can be exchanged by determination and drive. Those forces just happen to help restore the faith that things can change. To make a difference in even one person's life makes it worth it.

Ana said...

Thank you Jena!
Passionate! Yes I'm. You know what? I never thought about myself being passionate.
You're right saying that making a difference in even one person is worth.
We learn about ourselves on blogosphere. :)

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Hope is a slippery jewel to hold onto, but with the right measure of faith all things are possible. At least I try to hold onto that thought and promise.
So I got my computer running again just in time to start packing up to move once more. That's just how the SH-- runs down hill in my life I gather. Anywise, I needed to stop in, say Hello, and wish you well; while I have a chance.
Sending Hugs and good wishes to my blog buddy:

Ana said...

I'm very happy to hear from you and knowing that you have the right measure of faith.
I hope you can find a place to stay and you'll be on my prayers.
Thank you very much. I always miss your sense of humor and your insights on good mental health care.
Yours truly,

Stephany said...

Jewels stand on their own.

Ana said...