Sunday, September 14, 2008

Drug-dealer was arrested as patient in UFRJ Psychiatric Institute

This is the the news on a Brazilian newspaper published yesterday. The photo is the drug-dealer using the Institute's uniform with it's name on the shirt "IPUB" while taking photos back in jail.
I would really like to know why on earth a drug-dealer was transfered from the penitentiary to a mental institution. For the last three weeks he was being treated as a patient on the Institute of Psychiatry of Rio de Janeiro's University - IPUB. What diagnoses did he receive? Drug addiction? I wonder why a patient have to carry a gun and receive visits to bring him drugs and high amounts of money.
There are people on this hospital being treated for drug addiction and I believe it's harder to quit when having access to drugs on the very place you're receiving psychotropics like Zyprexa to cope with withdrawal symptoms.
Unfortunately I'll have no answer because whatever happens in Brazilian mental institutions have no explanations whatsoever!
This is a very serious case that put in danger patients. People who belong to jail being treated as mental health patients is beyond comprehension and I would really like to receive some explanations from Dr. Marcio Versiani who is the director of IPUB, member of APA,
Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacolicum (CINP) and of Psycho-pharmacology Commission of the WPA and others.
As I don't think that a director has time to give these explanations any person from the Institute could explain how can it be that a drug-dealer was being treated as a patient in IPUB and when the police went there to arrest him he tried to get his gun.

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