Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brillant Weblog Award

Stephany, you all know her blog Soulful Sepulcher and for her constant work trying to raise awareness on mental health problems, has honored me with this award.
This is a very special award to me because I admire Stephany not only as the brilliant advocate she is but for many of her qualities and character: a woman, a friend, a mother, a writer, the way she finds poetry in simple things, the way she is.
I thank you very much Stephany and I'll take it as a huge encouragement to keep on trying to help you and others to bring to public attention the problems of mental health treatments.

Now it's time to face the hard job of thinking about seven bloggers among so many amazing people.

Thank you Stephany.


susan said...

Congrats Ana!!!!

Stephany said...

Thank you for such kind words Ana.


Ana said...

Thank you Susan!

I've did nothing but describing you!