Thursday, April 30, 2009

R.D.Laing - Politics of Psychology - How he has helped me

"...the Clinical Psychologist from the Midwest... parents and teachers to whether it's all right for children of eight, nine, ten to dream in color.
It's extraordinary! That frightens me. He wasn't sure what to say, he asked me what to say because he searched the computer and the computer haven't any data on that. You don't know if it's okay unless a computer tells you... if children dream in color! That's crazy to me!
He talks about DSM-3

When I was nineteen-years-old I used to go to a restaurant and sometimes I met a man. After some months it was innevitable that we started greeting each other till one day I met him at the street. I don't remember a word of what he said other than talking about R.D. Laing. I guess he has noticed by my eyes that I had some issues. I bought "The Self and the Others". I could not understand it all but I've read it along years and decades.
While on therapy I used to read it and got more and more conscientious of some of the things that this work could tell me. I have also bought "The Self and the Others".
For me it was very important some of Laing's insights. I say some because I don't believe that one single person, theory or thinker can give all the answers.
Every person has to engage in the pursuit of it's own way and if a good therapist, in my case psychoanalysis, can help the process it's great.

Marian at Different Thoughts is also an admirer of Laing's work and has this great video at her blog.
Unfortunately we are on a age that it's hard to say anything good about therapy. I gave up because I've noticed that CBT is everywhere and mainstream psychology don't know if children dream in color or in black and white.
This is my last post on therapy and on any other strange approach of mental health understanding.

On the post below there's the film "Frances" based on the life of Frances Farmer, the actress. I remember that when I first saw it I was quite disturbed.


Monica Cassani said...

I'm a fan too and was gonna share the video Marian has when I saw this post...then I saw you already have it up there...I have a few posts with quotes from Laing...awesome, beautiful man...


Ana said...

If he was French he would be recognized as one of the great thinkers.
You know how all that "gang" of the sixties and seventies is famous.
Making their thinkers praised is one thing that France knows to do best.
Knew... it has stopped.
There's no more thinking. lol
I hate this period of time. Seriously but I guess everybody claims it.