Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ritalin and gambling new campaign

A little bit of fun.


Mark Krusen said...

Very funny. Probably true on the Ritalin for some parents. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?

Ana said...

I guess that an ad like that would make some parents questioning about drugs as strange as it may seem.
I never been in US.

D Bunker said...

Well what's keeping you? Here;

Change your name to Ann Lee, and contact These fine 'Mental Health' Advocates at NAAPIMHA.

Tell them you have a 2nd cousin in Las Vegas who is 'Incurably Mentally Ill' because she's trying to quit smoking. NAAPIMHA is concerned about easing all of those unfair Immigration Restrictions which discriminate against Asian and Pacific Islanders with 'Mental Illnesses'

And they believe that Family should count for more than Education when it comes to coming to America, ...... so long as that Family is either Asian or Pacific Islander.

They must know how to help, and they Might even be able to get you a US Govt Subsidized Apartment, in Las Vegas, ...... to help your poor 'Mentally Ill' cigarette smoking 2nd Cousin 'Get Better'.

Ana said...

I've visited the site but I'll have to go back to read more.
I'm not on their list because I'm not Hispanic, Asian or Black.
I believe they most be gathering volunteers for clinical trials...

D Bunker said...

Dear Gracie (Allen);

Now remember that Hispanics and Blacks, are condemned and poisoned with Drugs at least 3 to 4 times More often - as Schizophrenics - than Whites, in America.

Look up Chinese Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, and do your own 'Clinical Investigation' of how they 'Treat' Chinese 'Mental Disorders'. ...... with Acupuncture, Spiritual Healing, Family Support, Herbal Cures, ...... etc.

That NAAPIMHA page says what it says. It's not recruiting Asians and Pacific Islanders for Drug Trials.

And Here, among the ASPI panel members who formulated the 'Culturally Competent' Guidelines for 'Mental Health Services' for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans you'll find people who were instrumental in formulating TMAP, ....... like Steve Shon and Lark Huang.

Rewrite the NAAPIMHA page substituting Immigration Preferences for White people from Europe, or South America, or Anywhere, ..... over the Asian and Pacific Islanders NAAPIMHA is 'Advocating' for, ....... and see how long it takes the World Press to knee jerk itself right into screaming fit.

Your loving and worshipful servant;

George (Burns)

PS: I wonder why Aliah Gleason wasn't offered Acupuncture, Spiritual Healing, Family Support and Herbal Cures, ...... the way other people with 'Culturally Competent' Diagnoses are?

Ana said...

I was kidding about the "clinical trials".
I'll search this site because it is very strange the way they approach cultural and mental illness.