Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kevin Siers’ cartoon - I guess we must redefine humor

Wow! Yesterday Kim has publish a post about this cartoon by Kevin Siers:

"... Kevin’s cartoons are distributed to over 400 newspapers nationwide by King Features Syndicate.


Kim has e-mailed the editor at the Charlotte Observer and a copy to Kevin. Please check Kim's post to read how she feels about it and to follow the people who are also e-mailing.

Will we have to create a "ethics in humor" or something like that?
I'm amazed because most of the cartoonists and people who deal with humor I know are highly sensitive and brilliant in their views of the world.
Cartoonists can have plenty ideas in times of trouble. I guess they are leaving the best in their drawing and publishing the wrong stuff.


Mark p.s.2 said...

I don't think its humor. But I like the cartoon as it points out guns are easy to get and everyone is (potentially) mentally ill.


Ana said...

I agree with the potential "problematic"... I don't know about the "mental ill".
I said in the comment of the post below this one about psychiatry having deleted "neurosis" from any diagnostic.
They have been claiming over and over again that 50% Americans are potentially mentally ill.
The link is almost a propaganda of the next DSM.
I've just look at the comments and 4 people agree that this is a little bit odd to say the least.