Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My posts at Wellsphere without my consent - Wellsphere scandal saga

"SSRIs-list of 58 withdrawal symptoms" I have posted after I was already OUT of Wellsphere.
These are what I have the patience to search to check what are shown today It changes everyday.
The article appears first as if it was published at Wellsphere when searched at Google.

I would like to understand which part of "take my content out" Wellsphere is pretending not to understand. And what does Mr Rutledge mean by "we delete everything from your site, it's Google problem."
Look at the the articles with blue titles claiming that these drugs are great: "Viagra may Boost female libido in same cases"

"Know how to Cure Headache"
Antidepressants such as paroxetine (paxil, venlafaxine (Effexor) and fluoxetine (Prozac) produce fewer side effects than do the tricyclic..
I will say no more.
It's far beyond unethical.


Anonymous said...

This whole thing sounds incredibly frustrating! So not cool of them.

Hope they start listening soon or they really will be in trouble. Copyright is not something corporations can afford to mess around with.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

It took two months to get away from them.



Ana said...

They have already proved they have no ethics whatsoever.
It's amazing!

They claimed they have taken my content but it's clear they still have it.
For the moment they only display the beginning of the article and my photos.
But my name is related to Wellsphere in google search at the first page every time I search for it.
Thank you for the sympathy.

Anonymous said...

OK, I get it! April Fools!
The pages you posted are NOT from Wellsphere, they are from Google cache! Look at the URL on the pages you put up:

That is the address of a Google server, not a Wellsphere address.
So these are pages that Google indexed before Wellsphere removed your content. They aren't any longer on Wellsphere, and you are playing an April Fools on them!

Ana said...

No Anonymous,
I'm not playing April Fools on Wellsphere.
I'm tired of this mind games.
If they are from Google or Weelsphere who has generated them?
So it's up to you - of course you are one of those employees - to talk to Google to remove them.
I've already did my part talking to Google.
Perhaps it will be good if I publish all the e-mail I had with Wellsphere that comes under the name of Mr Rutledge.
Don't be hypocritical.
Next anonymous comment on this thread will not be published.
Perhaps it's good to show why people are getting more and more angry with Wellsphere.
That's the way you behave:
You never take any responsibility it's always someone's else fault.
Quite cynical of you as all the moves you make.

Mark p.s.2 said...

When I deleted my blog in April 2008, google kept a cache(memory) of some of it.
This google cache is now lost or erased, as I can not find it any more.
The URL links I saved that go to googles cache of the old website do not work.

So maybe give it some time for it to be lost maybe.

Ana said...

Thank you.
I have already deleted one blog and it didn't took three months for Google to delete it all.
Let it be.
It's good to Wellsphere having people talking about them.
Even when we say they are not ethical. Who cares for this word nowadays?
I believe that it will come a time that when we say someone is ethical we will get in real trouble. :)
Thank you for the support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana,
I have noticed that if I do I search on blogs that have been deleted they still show up on Google.
I also have a personal facebook under a different name. Facebook DID make it private. But if you Google it, my name still appears on Google search, but if you click on the link..it says "Link Not Found."

Possibly it IS Google. If you click within the Wellshpere site are your comments not found?

Ana said...

They are not found.
What amazes me is the fact that Wellsphere is always at the first page of the search Web or Image.
Just now I've realized that when I was at wellsphere ALL my posts were only reached by their site.
This is one of the reasons I got out of there.
Let it be.
I don't care anymore.
It's not worthy.
It was an outburst. I'm waiting and waiting not to have any connection with it and yesterday it really pissed me off.
I have already asked them to write to Google...
They really care.
I have already did but it was not ME who generated. If I was on their side I would have done it.
But this is my, my ethos.
Theirs is behave like they just did on this thread: making mockery of those who don't want to be part of that any longer.
Thank you very much for the sympathy.
I deleted the "Goodcube" Parody I had left yesterday at the top of my blog because I did remember that some of my friends are there.

soulful sepulcher said...

once things are in cache it's pretty hard to lose it on the Internet.

Ana said...

This is the good side of it.