Monday, January 10, 2011

FOX News: A long list of school shooters were on SSRIs including Columbine's Eric Harris

"We found that a disturbing number of school shooters were either on medication or were experiencing withdrawal."
"The list include 15 years old Kip Kinkel withdrawing from Prozac when he shot  22 classmates and killing 2."
Eric Harris at Columbine - Luvox
"14 years old Elizabeth Bush on Prozac..." "..."
and 17 years old Eric Harris on Luvox ... Columbine..."

It is at FOX News and Peter Bregguin talks at the end. If this is not enough evidence...
I saw a documentary about Eric Harris, the Columbine shooter. His father said that Eric was on Zoloft and told him that he was feeling strange and violent. They changed Zoloft to Luvox. Great solution!


Delsiolive said...

Yeah, I believe so! Drugs kicking the mind out of depression...i.e given a boost of reaction and courage could compel a deranged mind to kill.

And if you don't treat this person he can commit suicide. It seems to me kind a Sophia's Choice situation.


Ana said...

What happens is different. Drug-induced suicide or violent behavior is not related to the depression. It is really caused by the drug.
If a person who is not diagnosed depressed or any other diagnose, let's say a "normal" person he/she can kill or commit suicide.
At the right top of the blog is Traci Johnson, a healthy 19 years-old girl who hanged herself during Cymbalta clinical trial.
It's hell my friend, it is hell!