Monday, January 24, 2011

Erica Bain: Jodie Foster at The Brave One

"There is no going back to that other. She is gone. This thing, this stranger, it's all you are now."

The Brave One is about Erica Bain a New York radio host that witnessed her boyfriend being brutally killed and it changed her life.
I like this quotation and I believe it expresses what some people feel after some events. 
Keep going all strangers!


Delsiolive said...

i didn't see the movie. The story seems of a haunted personality and as for me any development of hate, revenge in her was present in her soul before the brutality . Not a stranger in her, at all.


Ana said...

You have to watch the movie. She was pretty happy after it all happened.

topmusic said...

thats good article. . .

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Ana said...

Thank you For the visit and I'm glad you liked it.