Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marijuana as a medicine for pain: if you have a story leave a comment

I know many people with different diseases that got help from marijuana. If you are one of them please, leave a comment telling a little about your story.
Whenever I say it some people think I'm out of the planet.
One family member, 70 years-old, used marijuana to stand pain after having a malign tumor removed. Even taking legal medicines her only relief was marijuana.
May she be at peace.
Thank you in advance.


Unknown said...

There is no reason why marijuana can't be legal for pain. I don't care if it treats a hangnail-if it's an effective treatment, then we should use it.

Is marijuana health food? Of course not. But if conventional treatment fails, then it should absolutely be available.

MyThought said...

I personally never use marijuana for pain relieve but I know a lot of people that do. I have rheumatism and fibromyalgia, started to take pain killers 10 yrs ago and after a while they stopped working and I had to aument the dose every few months. Now I try to live without pain killers because I only feel a little relieve taking very high doses.
I absolutely understand people using marijuana as a pain reliever. I probably would have started using it, if I hadn't been too afraid of passing on to other drugs and get addicted.

Ana said...

Thank you Michael.
Yes you are right!

My thought,
People who take marijuana as a medicine will never take another drug because other drugs don't relief the pain.
Those who looks for illegal drugs because they want to forget about their problems or... there are many reasons why people use drugs and I don't know them all.
But they search something totally different in drugs and people who are in pain just want to get rid of the pain.
Cocaine is not a good drug for that and all the others.
Morphine which is made of "opium" as heroin is, also causes dependence and withdrawal has to be done with medical help.
There's a thin line between legal and illegal drugs.
I will have to take a SSRI after 2 years of withdrawal.
After 3 months off the SSRI I could not function emotionally of physically.
I never took other illegal drug in my life, just tried pot when I was in my twenties, because I feared any drug.
The irony is that I was prescribed a drug that I by at the drugstore and I got addicted.
The physicians didn't told me that.
That is a good point you raised and I will publish it.
I will wait for more comments.
Fibromyalgia most be very hard to endure. Pain and tiredness...
This is one of the risks I am because this is one side effect of the SSRI I take.
Hope you can relief your pain.
Be at peace.

emy said...

I try to live without pain killers because I only feel a little relieve taking very high doses.

Ana said...

Yes, they only work fro a brief period of time.
Hope you get better.
Thank you for the visit.