Monday, September 20, 2010

Daniel Fisher, National Empowerment Center, Patricia Deegan and Rainbows

I love seeing light showing it's true colors and we can see it the Newton's way, using a prism, or when all of a sudden a rainbow appears where we are and time seems to stop a little because it is unexpected and very beautiful.
Daniel Fisher from National Empowerment Center went to Mexico to rest a little witnessed one of this moments and had a camera in his hands. He was kind enough to give me the left photo. The right one is at his profile at Facebook.
I first got in touch with him long after starting this blog because I was writing a book and found the article "Reclaiming your power during medication appointments with your psychiatrist" by Patricia Deegan, Ph.D. that I translated to Portuguese and as Patricia Deegan approval I included it at the book - no, never published because there is nothing in Portuguese to give an idea about psych-drugs and pharmaceutical industry is powerful enough to make any effort disappears.
I remember having problems translating the word "advocate". We don't have mental health advocates in Brazil. This is one of the reasons this blog is in English. I would never find people to share ideas and all the research I have is in English. Here I am a self-proclaimed mental health advocate.
To start the week I hope that looking at these rainbows empowers us all.

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