Monday, August 09, 2010

I stopped for a while but I am here

One of the problems with blogs is that when the person stops it seems that all that was done disappear and the subject is not on the bloggers' mind any longer.
Not my case. I'm still talking to people telling about all I had to learn about psych-drugs and their harms and quite often I talk about one of my blogger friends and address to their blogs.
It is a subject that will always be part of my agenda because what is happening is something so serious that it can be considered crime against humanity - search SSRIs crime against humanity and you will find answers.
I miss my blog friends and once again I apologize for not visiting you all. For the moment I have to take care of myself and if I blog about this issue I always get very sad and angry.
But I'm here, will never forget and try to do my best to advice people about all this scandal that medicine, not only psychiatry, has become. But, yes, psychiatry is causing the most appalling harms.
Thank you all that are there daily blogging about these horrors. You are all heroes.


Mike Golch said...

that sad this is that the same thing can be said abouldt as well. case in point,3 weeks ago today I atrtempted to take myown life by using a combination of my psych meds and my Anti-Seizure meds.It is by the Grace of God, that I survived by attempt.In my did to kill myself I did leave a note using my word pad feature and left it on my computer monitor.I put the note up in the biggest font that was avaible, I had my wife and I had a big blowup in anger I throw here out of the house(not physically but verbally) when i tried to call her on the cellphone she would not answer it. and in a tailspin that is when i tried to kill myself. I spent several days in the hospital first in the ICU than the CCU.

Ana said...

You are traumatized and I can understand.
I will write something at your blog.
Be at peace.
It is over Mike, It is over!
Love, we all love you,

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Ana. I really needed to read this tonight, as they start Melanie on yet a new medicine, new on the market, as sister to "clozaril." It makes me so nervous. She is 18 now, and decided on her own to take it, but I'm making her get the blood tests every 2 weeks, she has been more anxious on it, seeing more things, just so frustrating. Here we go again. If I only knew then, what I know now, I just wonder if this whole situation would be so different now.
Thanks for the reminder and caring.

Ana said...

Clozaril? It is a very powerful drug. You can have more informations with Stephay at Soulful Sepulcher because her daughter was prescribed clozaril at a very early age and it has cost her a lot.
I will write it at your blog because I fear you are not coming to see my answer.