Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's Celebrate: Bloggers Unite finally deleted the event "International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities"

It did cost a lot of work and last week I wrote several messages at the discussion of Bloggers Unite asking them either to put the event at the list or deleting it.
They finally deleted. Hope next time they pay attention in the events they are approving.
Great! I'm honored not to have this day there because I changed my mind about Bloggers Unite after paying a close attention at their site.
Nothing left to say.
I will celebrate publishing this video I just found out at Bob Fiddaman's blog. I still didn't see it till the end. The reason I decided to see this one is because it was at Charles Medawar site, Social Audit, that I found many testimonies of people in hell withdrawing Effexor, Paxil/Seroxat, and others.
Unfortunately this forum is not open for the public now. I did read it en 2005 and went till 2006. My withdrawal story is there. I have already published it here. I'm moved seeing Charles Medawar for the first time.
He did a great work not only at Social Audit but he was the only "layman" that was part of the review of the UK Parliament: ""The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry" published in 2005.
I have already published some of the topics they raise.
Maybe I will republish them.
I will watch the entire video now. It's about the responsibility of physicians telling their patients the at SSRIs are addictive when they prescribe.
The hell of withdrawal is not told to anybody. Hiding it is addictive is no longer acceptable.
There are videos at Youtube of patients that tell their experiences.
But although they do it to help others... they are... anecdotal evidence.
I will never understand a science that consider the object that it's studying as anecdotal evidence. Why do they trust people when they are answering a form to join a clinical trial and not when they report that they felt, let's say, dizzy?
No idea! No idea whatsoever.


D Bunker said...

It was Deleted?

I Don't Care, WHAT their pin headed reasoning was.

The gloves are coming off.


Ana said...

The whole story is at the "Discuss" part of Bloggers Unite.
But don't go there because it is not worthy.
Bloggers Unite's events are clearly those of the mainstream media and those that are not of any kind of change.
It was good that it it is not there.
I was thinking in doing it in another way but I'm not going to do nothing for the moment.
Have you notice how quite things are?
There are bloggers that don't publish for more than 1 month.
Most of the blogs of my list are not as active as before.
Let's wait.
Thank you for the interest D. Bunker.

D Bunker said...

Yes, things are Too quiet.

I never thought to google San Francisco's Chief Psychiatrist because I was too busy laughing at his Gratefulness for going to the Movies.

It seems he Moved to the State capitol last summer, and I missed it.

But I'm not laughing anymore.


These people believe that They, are the Illuminati, because They read the right books & They watch the Right Movies.

This is the Same Hubris we saw in 1930s Germany.



Ana said...

I'll check the link later.
I'm with a back pain... it is hurting...