Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Erin Brockovich sent me an e-mail: Be careful pharmas: she is gathering informations from consumers

My e-mail Inbox is a complete mess because I don't delete what I don't open and, I have to confess I don't like e-mails.
So I have to apologize to Erin Brokovich for not publishing her answer one month ago. This is the first important e-mail I didn't see because I always check the names. Now I realized that her e-mail is in the middle of a bunch of spams. I will have to change my method and delete one by one.
Anyway, I wrote this post about her and Cymbalta and this is her answer to a comment I left at her site, yes I'm not blogging but I'm always working on this subject and will never stop. Well this is what she wrote:

RE: Fan Feedback | Website Message From Ana
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Erin Brockovich

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Hi Ann,

Thank you for writing. I am getting your emails and yes, I am watching and looking at cymbalta. I have had hundreds write to me and when that happens it is a flag that something is going on with the drug. I am working with several folks as to how we can address this issue outside of litigation, which none is pending now, but running everyone through the court system can take years and doesn’t always help. I am familiar with many of these medications on the market and watch closely as problems develop. We are trying to ascertain more information and see what it is that can be done.

Please look to my site in the future, many great things in regards to information, drugs, networking, advice column, resources, etc., are being built now for the site. It is lengthy and time consuming but we hope will provide more information to those seeking it.

I will keep you informed as we know more. I still do my work for causes today as I always have and just for your information, being a celebrity is the last thing on my mind, it does no one any good. I am still trying to help many and can’t always answer their questions or have information available as soon as they need it.

Best Regards,

Erin Brockovich

From: Ana[mailto:justana8@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 1:05 PM
To: erin@brockovich.com
Subject: Fan Feedback | Website Message From Ana

Funny, I can send it as a fan but not as answering the medicines Watch list. Fan? Do you want fans? Dear Lord! Hi Erin, Do you still have doubts about Cymbalta? All the SSRIs are poison. I was making a research about you my blog Hella Heaven but Ill not do it now. Please, google SSRIs side effects or withdrawal symptom or go to my by blog justAna and look at the blog list. Furious Seasons is the best blog about it all. Books by psychiatrists were already written and as you claimed you had suffered panic attacks I believe you know at lest side effects and withdrawal from a benzodiazepine. I dont know but the way this drugs are being put at your side looks like propaganda if the person dont read the blurred and tiny letters. Accutane? everybody knows about its problem. Not even physicians hide them. Hope you didnt become one celebrity without a cause. Im quite disappointed and will share it with my friends. Im sure it is not you who will read it. Thank you for your attention. Ana

Ana from Brazil

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We know what Erin can do with data she collect from people.
I will go back, surely!
Who will be the next actress? :)

Sorry about the celebrity provocation but we have to be sure about the intentions of people today. Those who are in this war of raising awareness, I do nothing compared to what other bloggers are doing, have been casted so many stones that many end up not believing many people.
Still, your story is an inspiration for many and Erin Brokovich is at the list of movies of many mental health advocates.
It is your story and we forget about the movie.

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