Saturday, January 16, 2010

We are fighting corruption daily and nobody notices - UN fighting corruption in eastern countries

This is the at the UNPD site:


Corruption is undoubtedly one of the key governance problems of the region. As in much of the rest of the world, corruption in Eastern Europe and the CIS has gone from being a well-known secret to a topic that is widely acknowledged and discussed; however, discussion is most often in generalities, without focusing on realistic solutions. Many countries of the region suffer from high levels of public corruption that frequently undermine efforts at administrative reform and impede the development of governmental capacity to fulfil state responsibilities.

Project: Anti-Corruption Practitioners Network (ACPN)

The Anti-Corruption Practitioners Network (ACPN) was launched by UNDP BRC in cooperation with UNODC in early 2006, few months after the enter into force of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).
The ACPN involves in its activities UNDP/UNODC staff from the region, practitioners working in anti-corruption agencies and international experts committed to the fight against public corruption in the Eastern European and the CIS countries. The Network is currently the main tool of the BRC for knowledge management in the field of anti-corruption as well as for the delivery of technical assistance to AC agencies. The ACPN is also a useful source of information and expertise for providing assistance to UNDP country offices implementing AC programming activities.
Principal Networks’ activities are:
1) Facilitation of knowledge sharing among AC Agencies to address specific requests for technical assistance and to update the members about best practices and technical means for fighting corruption and for the implementation of the UNCAC.
2) Maintenance of a database containing: information on the AC institutional and legal frameworks in place in the countries of the region; contact details of AC practitioners and agencies in the region; documents and toolkits useful for the work of AC agencies. Click here to get access to the Database.
3) Capacity development assistance to selected preventive AC agencies in the region. Activities are managed by BRC and implemented in cooperation with UNDP country offices. AC Practitioners and agencies member of the Network provide expertise and assistance for the activities. Click here for more information.
4) Support to programming activity of UNDP country offices in the area of anti-corruption through technical advice and referral of international experts.

All bloggers that are trying to raise awareness on the harms of psych-drugs are fighting corruption and nobody notices it.
I don't know what else can I do and thinking that Obama has received money from the pharmas to his campaign makes me think how hard it is, if not impossible to raise awareness about the extent that the pharmaceutical industry is corrupting politicians, physicians and all the consortium and making people sick instead of improving health.
Nobody seems to care and I didn't see a single phrase at the UNODC or UNDP site about pharmaceutical industry. I would like to know what is the country that is corruption-free. It funny to see that all the countries that are listed as corrupt are far away from the western standard and the measures citizens must take are not related to politicians.
Sad. We keep the fight no matter what.

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