Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stephany's views about the woman who killed her baby while taking antipsychotics

I copied this part of Stephany's post "The drugging of mothers: woman kills infant, allegedly taking psych meds for psychosis" because she describes how psychiatry is being practised today and this is from a woman who has witnessed and experienced the severe harm psych medications are doing.
I'm not anti-psychiatrist but with the amount of data available silencing is not an ethical attitude if one is concerned with the well-being of patients.

My thoughts

"This is a sad and gruesome story, and one that adds fuel to the discussion that has 2 sides. I've witnessed violence and aggression in people loaded up on psychiatric medications and I've seen them become calm and non-aggressive off of medications. Over the last decade, it has been my experience, not because I wanted it---to observe several psych wards and hundreds of people with the dx of Schizophrenia and psychosis. I have no vested interest in a pharmaceutical company and I am not what some people think: a anti-med scientologist. I'm just a mom who witnessed more than the average person, actually more than admittedly by inpatient psychiatrists---most told me they had not been inside state institutions or clinics --just their immediate revolving door psych wards, where indeed the door revolves because these meds cause symptoms as much as they want to believe they don't, people must understand what I witnessed is withdrawal psychosis when people go off of antipsychotics.

I am extremely concerned over the possibility of women and children being medicated by reason of a blanket screening for depression which could end up in wrong diagnosis and medication treatment that can cause extreme situations. It's what happened to my daughter at age 11, and Zoloft sent her running down roads and attempting to jump from cars on the freeway. Psychiatrists confirmed and agreed it was the Zoloft (anti depressant)back in 2001 that caused her extreme agitation and suicidal thinking/and resulting risky behaviors."
"What medication was she taking? antidepressants? antipsychotics? were her medications changed too quickly? increased? decreased? all of these are factors that cannot be ignored. Of course this article is hearsay, but gives food for thought until all facts come out."

How can physicians remain silent? Can anybody explain it to me?


Stephany said...

Thanks for thinking about this with me, Ana, it really is a story that is very important.

Ana said...

Love you Stephany!