Thursday, July 16, 2009

Corporate crime in the pharmaceutical industry by John Braithwaite

Click to enlarge and see some of the laboratories listed.

Excerpt from the preface:

"This book is an industry case study of corporate crime. It attempts to describe the wide variety of types of corporate crime which occur within one industry. When I tought a course on corporate crime at the University of California, Irvine, in 1979 I found that students had an amorphous understanding of the subject as an incomprehensible evil perpetrated by the powerful. Part of the purpose of this book is to fill this gap by describing many examples of corporate crime, examples which show the depth and seriousness of the crime problem in the pharmaceutical industry."

The book, published in 1983, is costing U$ 613,00 at Amazon and was not reprinted.
Do you have any idea why?
Anyway... There is a .pdf version that can be downloaded here.


D Bunker said...

It's been said that there are only 7 basic themes or plots to write about, so I expect this book will be as fresh today as when it was written.

Thanks for the pdf.

Ana said...

D Bunker,
It's important to have the history of how pharmaceutical industry has overtaken medicine and regulate diagnosis and all.
The book was not reprinted because the pharmaceutical industry don't allow it.
Can you imagine paying U$ 613,00 for one book?
This is strange.

D Bunker said...

You have hit the nail Right on the head. And can you imagine the Conflicting money that the book publishers make from publishing Pro Pharmaceutical funded Medical Research?

The book publishing Industry doesn't Begin to approach the kind of money that Pharmaceutical makers do.

It's no wonder this book has never been republished.

Everyone here should get a copy of this PDF, just in case it becomes unavailable too.