Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Jackson's cocktail to death

I've just found it at Susan's blog.
Her post is very good.
Of course it's not enough evidence and, as I heard yesterday while I was discussing about psych-drugs,:

"The benefits overweight the risks."
"If one person has committed suicide it does not mean that all of those who take antidepressants will do the same."
"I know many people whose lives was saved by an antidepressant."
"If not antidepressants what do you think is the cure for depression?"
"If the FDA leaves the drug at the market it's not harmful."
"There is not enough evidence proving these drugs are not safe."

I believe I will never stop hearing these arguments and they are strong for those who don't have a clue about what is really at stake when these drugs are prescribed.
Mr. Obama, where is the change? You are drugging your children and destroying lives and, please, don't tell us you don't know. You have received money from pharmaceutical industry during your campaign. Gradual change? Do you want more people to... blah blah blah...


Mike Golch said...

the main problem I see is that there are way to many enablers(DRs) out there that are willing to open up their pads and write what ever people want to take not knowing if some other enablers has written the same "patient" different medications to take as well.All for the sake of making money. through out the music,sports acting,industries there are way to many high paid people willing to throw their money and their lives away over drugs.

Ana said...

Yes. All about money!

susan said...

Thank you Ana.

The real tragedy is also, we won't get any more music from this genius.

Ana said...


D Bunker said...

Science has Not yet, (nor can it Ever) Locate the generating bio-mechanism of any human emotion/thought.

Trying to confine emotions/thoughts to the Brain is ridiculous. Go without food for 3 days if you need proof.

Poisoning a brain and upsetting that brain's regulation of every other system in a human carcass can only aggregate into negative emotions/thoughts and physical failures Throughout a person's body.

The entire paradigm of drug based Antidepressing is an Oxymoron on its face. How is Anyone supposed to feel Un Depressed when their whole body is being fed garbled command instructions from a brain which is under siege, fighting off an excess of its Own Serotonin?

"If one person has committed suicide it does not mean that all of those who take antidepressants will do the same."

Wrong Answer. What it Means, is that the Stupid SOB who put the Drug Into that Suicide should be Dragged into Court and held legally responsible for Causing that Suicide.

Ana said...

D. Bunker,
SSRIs make only 5% of serotonine remains at the brain. The other 95% spreads around the body.
Serotonine is responsible for many other things like feelings of hot and cold.
I'll search for the post I wrote about it and repost.
Have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Yes, most people have no idea what we are talking about.

Willow said...

It's not as if antidepressants even 'work'. - See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1579876/Anti-depressants-no-better-than-dummy-pills.html - There should be a legal sanction against prescribing them.

And there should be a legal sanction against prescribing ANY psychotropic drugs to children. The brain is not infinitely elastic.

Good nutrition is the best physician/medicine for most ill-health.