Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kayoko Kifuji got a license to kill again

Rebeca Rilley parents are waiting for trial. Read it all at Furious Seasons.
I'm sorry for not writing. Last month I wrote too little and I'm not planning to be back this month.
I get too sad and angry. I'm not visiting my blog friends either. I have to be out for while because it's hard not to see any change.
I never forget any of my blog friends and you are all part of my life since you are the only who can understand what makes me so sad and angry about the use of psych-drugs and, of course, because you are all amazing people.
Love you all.


D Bunker said...

Hey, Don't go away. You're one of my top 4.

Ana said...

D. Bunker,
How sweet of you!
I will never go away. Never. It will be part of my life till I die.
I'm just not getting so involved because it really affects me emotionally.
I feel so sad that a while ago I started crying in the middle of the streets and found out that being that involved with this problem was part of my sadness.
I even went to see my ex-therapist last month.
I'm trying to do something at Second Life to try to put some of our data there.
Yesterday I met a psychologist and he asked me if I wanted to be a mental health advocate.
I said yes and he said that he would try to come up with something.
Let's see.

Stephany said...

Hi Ana,

It is with great emotional effort that I too, write a post about the death of Rebecca Riley. I let out a big sigh and it's why there isn't any commentary with that last article I linked to the story to Philip at furious Seasons.

We all hurt for the children, because we have walked before them, as it should be we watch out for them and Rebecca's death is beyond tragic.

Stephany :)

Gianna said...

take care of yourself...if I could leave my house and do something else iwouldn't be on here either...certainly not nearly as often...

be well...

D Bunker said...

At least there's still these 2. Hughes & Hayes could get 11 years - Assault with a Deadly Weapon - for slugging the elderly with Zyprexa & Risperdal, after their nursing home killed 3 people. The Cal AG spent 2 years investigating the case. I just googled them and if it's been resolved yet, I didn't find it.

I Hope they don't get off like Fiorello did.

He could have pulled 10 years & he Got 18 months probation.

These characters Have to start doing Real Time or the Whole World will end up crippled or dead from their money grubbing.

Ana said...

I'm really deeply concerned with children and teenagers.
I wish that at least they would let them alone.

Take care of yourself you too. I'm looking forward to see you getting better.
I know it will happen.

D Bunker,
Thank you for the cases.
I will see them tomorrow.