Wednesday, May 04, 2011

People visiting Hella Heaven when it's no longer online and farewell

I didn't know it was possible and how to visit a blog via cache so I'm amazed that there has been visits. One of them from Florida lasted more than 3 hours.
As I saw many testimonies of people that didn't recover their blog I believe this is the last post about this issue and the last post of justAna too.
You have no idea how fragile we feel losing our work and a work that nobod asked you to do and nobody cares if you do it or not.
And people address to you, knowing that your Google account has been disabled, as if maybe you are not trustworthy and since Google has the politics of not letting people know what they did wrong we can imagine everything.
Thank you all the nice people I met with this and the other blog.
Sorry If I don't answer but I don't think I'll come back here anymore.
I have an account at Wordpress and the first post of the blog Hella Heaven there. When I feel better I'll upload the blog at Wordpress thou I think their templates are not interesting.

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