Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I'm watching Hella Heaven, my other blog being destroyed...

As I wrote at the post below I cannot access Google account and my blog Hella Heaven was removed.
The posts are being destroyed little by little. Now the images are disappearing and I believe that soon the texts will also go away.
I'm no longer at Bloggers, the directory where I was among the top 10, but I'm still in two other directories I just searched.
I don't want to look for more.
It is a very strange feeling. As if you lost the key to your house and is at the corridor or downstairs discussing to the doorman what to do: "Do you own the key?" he asks. "No." I reply. "So you'll have to wait for the owners."
"Yes." I answer in such a low voice that he doesn't listen.
Who cares?

Google accuse me of violating terms of service but they don't say what did I do.
This is unfair, to say the least!

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