Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Consequences of disabled account and being impossible to login to Hella Heaven

It's been already 14 hours I wait for an answer for the reason why my Google account was disabled - the first picture shows the page I'm sent when I try to login to my blog Hella Heaven.
The second picture is at the directory Bloggers. They don't have me as a member anymore and ask me to put the badges back or to reverify ownership of my blog Hella Heaven or they will delete my account.
I didn't visit the others directories cause I'm too tired.
What I think is that it is unfair being accused of something I don't know and being asked to read all the pages of terms of service and others to see if I find what I did wrong. 
This is just like asking the criminal to study laws so that he/she knows what was the crime. After the degree, MA, PhD and maybe a academical life being a teacher and researcher: "I still don't know what I did wrong."
I don't think this blog is a self-help lost accounts but if you are experiencing the same problem you're welcome to weep here too. If you experience it in the future, I really hope not because you have no idea what is the feeling when you watch the the page that is at the first picture - click at it to have an idea - remember this post.
I don't know why these things happen to me. 
This account, of justAna, has been hijacked in 2010 and I could not access this blogger too. My e-mails were all deleted and till today I have a problem with my Inbox that I don't know how to fix. It was returned.
It seems that this time I did something wrong. On Friday they did the same: disabled the account, Hella Heaven's account, and gave me back and today, five days later they disabled again and don't give me back.
I have a huge headache.

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