Friday, April 08, 2011

School Shooting in Brazil: I'm overwhelmed

animated_candleMaybe you don't know what happened yesterday in Rio de Janeiro. Facts:
"Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Reuters) - Rio de Janeiro's Civil Police released on Thursday (April 7) a security camera video showing the moment a gunman walked into a school and opened fire on children in two classrooms.
Twenty-four-year-old Wellington de Oliveira killed 12 children and then shot himself at a public school in Rio's poor outskirts, shocking the South American nation that has never seen such an incident before. 
The hallway video shows Oliveira carrying a gun and several children running desperately out of two classrooms as he shot indiscriminately at them. 
Police said Oliveira entered the school carrying two guns and a suicide note. Oliveira told security he was there to deliver a speech and then opened fire on students. 
He was a former student at the school. Police said they believed he was mentally unstable, citing the content of the suicide note, which asked that "(someone) stand in front of my tomb and ask God to forgive me for what I did." 
Oliveira did not have a police record." 

This is the translation that Globo Network did of part of the note Wellington Meneses de Oliveira carried with him. The entire letter has not yet been published even in Brazil:
"You should first know that the impure cannot touch me without gloves, only the chaste or those who lost their chastity after marriage and were not involved in adultery can touch me without gloves, or, in other words, no fornicator or adulterer can have direct contact with me, nor anything that is impure can touch my blood, nothing impure can have direct contact with a virgin without his permission, those who prepare my burial should take off all my clothes, wash me, dry me and wrap me totally naked in a white sheet that is in this building, in a bag that I left in the first room on the first floor, after they have wrapped me in this sheet they can put me in my coffin. If possible, I want to be buried next to the grave where my mom sleeps. My mom's name is Dicea Menezes de Oliveira and she is buried in the Murundu cemetery. I need to be visited at my grave by a faithful follower of God at least once, he must pray in front of my grave and ask God's forgiveness for what I did praying that upon his return Jesus wakes me from the sleep of death for eternal life.
I left a house in Sepetiba which no family needs, there are poor institutions, financed by generous people, that take care of abandoned animals, I want this space where I passed my final months donated to one of these institutions, because the animals are being very despised and need much more protection and care than human beings who have the advantage of being able to communicate, to work to feed themselves, so those who take ownership of my house, I ask you to please have some common sense and abide by my request, automatically they will be fulfilling the wishes of my parents who wanted to pass this property to my name and everybody knows this, comply with my request otherwise they automatically will be disrespecting my parents' wishes, which would prove that all of you have no consideration for our parents who now sleep, I believe that all of you have some consideration for our parents, proving this by doing what I asked."

I just saw the videos at Youtube and I will not publish now because I would like to choose one that has less journalistic intervention. They did a "photography" of Wellington from a video and he looks scary but it is the way they want him to look. People are calling him crazy and yesterday a psychiatrist said that he is sure that Wellington is paranoid-schizophrenic. Another psychiatrist came up with the same diagnostic at night but in a nicer way, at least saying that the vast majority of schizophrenics don't do it and are victims of crimes. But it was a very quick interview. 
So we have schizophrenia, school-shooting, suicide... what a great combination for the media and politicians to manipulate it the way they want.
People are infuriated and claiming that this "animal", this "lunatic", this "psychopath", this "beast" don't deserve any mercy.
I had a terrible day yesterday and publish something at my other blog. Didn't sleep well and I keep thinking about these children. Wellington is a former student of the school. It is all very confusing. I wonder why these kind of things only happen in the poor part of the town. I have many questions but for the moment I need to quiet my mind. I have to be silent. It's hard. But this is the right thing to do. I felt like publishing it here because this is the blog I share my feelings and my.... I don't know... my children... the sound of the voice of a woman shouting "My son!" will haunt me for some hours. But Wellington too. I believe some of you can understand him a little. 


Mark p.s.2 said...

The psychiatrists always say they could have helped the killer before he killed. This is what the public wants to hear. Save us from the killer-madman. Save us from Evil.
Put everybody in jail and there you go, everyone is safe.

Ana said...

Yep... yesterday it was revealed that he was abused at the school and that his mother could not take care of him because she had some emotional issues and tried to kill herself.
I'll update it later.
Thank you Mark!

joshb said...

I hope the people of that nation will learn the cost of allowing children to be abused by other children. He was probably destroyed at that very school, i certainly was in mine - why else would he have done that.

Ana said...

It is still not clear what led him to do that. Eric Harris, Columbine, was not abused but did that for other reasons and taking Zoloft that was changed to Luvox when he told his father that he was feeling violent.
I stopped watching the news because they don't give right informations.
I'm very sorry to what happened to you and I have some friends, who also have blogs, that carry this pain even after having their own children.
Maybe if you are feeling that it is affecting you that much you should consider searching for help.
You can go to this blog:
Marj has just reach the end of her struggle of being abused.
It is not easy but you have to try.
Live joshb, Live!!!!!!!
Even when it aches we have to keep going...
Sometimes with the eyes full of tears... sometimes laughing...
Raise your wings little be little my little bird...

Ana said...

I just wrote a post about her because she did her last post.
Take a look at it.