Saturday, April 09, 2011

Brazilian school-shooter had mother who tried suicide and was schizophrenic

At this video is the brother of Wellington de Meneses Oliveira. It is edited and I'm sure that this interview could help understanding more about the killer, the monster, as he is being called, who shot the children but it was released only 1,29 minutes with the voice of the reporter narrating.
It is not at this part of the video that it is said his biological mother was schizophrenic. It was Rodrigo Neves, secretary of welfare state and humans right who claimed so.
The brother says that Wellington was always very low profile and didn't socialize too much; that the biological mother had mental problems and tried to commit suicide; he searched the internet about gun shots; that Wellington surprised the family with thoughts saying that he felt like doing something like destroying an airplane like it was done in USA; he went to psychologists but quited.
What is being said at Globo network is not everything and they keep repeating   or adding new material to make people have only one opinion about the case.
I will stop following it and will no longer update because I don't have unbiased data. 
I wish that humans right organizations were following the case but there is not such a thing in Brazil nowadays. Not for this case.
The discussion is being centered in the access to weapons. In Brazil the constitution don't give Brazilians the right for guns.
They only want to disarm people and are claiming that it is the main reason why the crime was possible.
ENOUGH! This is the misinformations I have for today! the last one.
Can any organization from any part of the world help? Thank you!
I found this site and want to share it:

"Menezes de Oliveira's classmates and former teachers said he was routinely bullied at school, rejected and taunted by girls in class, and forced to endure "constant humiliation" including being thrown into a school garbage can, according to Brazilian media.
Fellow students gave him the nasty nickname "Swing," because he walked with a limp, said former classmate Bruno Linhares, who lamented to O Globo newspaper that "the class fool turned into a criminal."
"They called him all kinds of names," said Linhares, 23, who studied with Menezes at Rio's Tasso da Silveira school where the bloodbath took place.
"I honestly do not know why he did not do that (massacre) with our own group," Linhares told local media.
Experts took to Brazil's airwaves, seeking to explain just how he could have turned to evil, with some saying Menezes could have been reacting to the abuse at school." .........

........."Menezes de Oliveira's family said their adopted son had left home eight months earlier, when his mother died and became even more withdrawn.
Adopted as a baby, he had five brothers and sisters who said he never had friends.
Recently he was looking disheveled, dressing in black and looking at weapons sites on the Web, his older sister Roselaine said.
"We found it odd. He had a long beard (and) said strange things. He spent his time on the Internet, had no friends, was very withdrawn," Roselaine, who last saw her brother seven months ago, told TV Band News.
According to one neighbors, Menezes "walked with his head down without speaking to anyone."
Menezes worked as a messenger, but was sacked last August.
"He was always alone but never aggressive," said one employee, adding that "everyone (at the company where Menezes used to work) was horrified" by the attack." (whole article here)

Update: 14:20 p.m. GMT
It is funny watching psychiatrists explaining the delusion. You can see how they don't understand and how some of them condemn their own perception of what they believe that was in the mind of someone they never saw. But they behave like this even with their own patients!


Anonymous said...

Excelente postagem, de fato!

Com certeza eu daqui fico pau da vida com a postura de certos psiquiatras na mídia sobre essa tragédia. Claro que eu sinto até uma certa empatia por esse Wellington, pois sei que ele deve ter sofrido muito também para descer a esse ponto trágico e cruel.

Ele também foi uma vítima, junto com aqueles adolescentes.

Agora resta torcer para que os sobreviventes sejam muito bem acompanhados.

Ana said...

Pois é. Agora vai dizer isso em público no bar da esquina!
Vão te trucidar. Infelizmente em relação a qualquer problema emcional, mental ou seja lá qual nome se dê não existe camanha de conscientização em lugar nenhum do mundo.
É um louco! Responde tudo quando deveria ser o início do debate.