Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mick Jagger never took Ritalin! Thanks the Lord! Merry Christmas

Whenever I see Mick Jagger performing I cannot help noticing that he runs, jumps comes and goes and never stops. I'm glad to know that he has already done what he did, keeps moving, rocking and rolling and is no longer at the age of being seen as a possible hyperactive child and the drugs he took were those he wanted to have and when he wanted them. Can you imagine what would be the effects of giving Ritalin to this man when he was a teen? Take a look at the video and see how difficult it is for Tina Turner follow Mick around the stage. He keeps teasing her asking her to follow him.
I like this song and this is is the rhythm I hope you have at Christmas.



Michael said...

Poet and singer Henry Rollins says he was given Ritalin as a child- he said he stopped taking it as soon as he was allowed to.

Ana said...

"allowed"... hmmm...
I wonder when do psychiatrists "allow" anyone to stop taking the drugs they prescribe.
One of their problems is that they don't know how to help patients during the withdrawal process.
SSRIs have numerous withdrawal symptoms that makes many people claim it is being in hell the withdrawal.
And some doctors claim: "No! It is not withdrawal! It is all psychological. It is all in your head."
This is criminal.
They don't trust, or "cannot trust" their patients words.

Ana said...

Thank you for the comments. It helps a lot knowing that other people care.