Monday, December 20, 2010

Antidepressants SSRIs causes suicide: FOX NEWS

This was at FOX NEWS this year as well as many other tiny little notices here and there at the mainstream media.
Still these drugs are being prescribed and physicians claim that they have been saving millions of lives.
If antidepressants SSRIs are really helping people good for those who were helped. But I hope that the story of the other millions these drugs have destroyed the lives appear more frequently on the mainstream media.
"The document suggests that a patient taking Paxil is eight times more likely to attempt or commit suicide than patients taking placebo."
"At that time GSK vehemently denied that Paxil caused suicide in a statement to Fox News."

"I'm outraged because that kind of statement absolutely put lives at risk and that should not be tolerated."

Ron Goldman

"Essentially it looks like GSK bamboozled the FDA."
Oops! I don't think Mr Grassley. I don't think you believe that FDA is not aware of all of that.

Here, here, here and here some examples of FDA helping these drugs being on the market.


Anders said...

I had severe problem with SSRI some years ago. I wrote a diary about it in my blog.

if one SEARCH the word Mirtazapin in my blog one will find it.

Mirtazapin was totally wrong for me.
they told me to hold on, but I quit.

but with better expertsI have been helped. this I will explain one day. when I have time to think in English.
(I find it hard to write in English)

Ana said...

I'm so happy you quit it!
I know it's hard for you to write in English.