Friday, October 29, 2010

"Those who take medicine are sick": is it a reality?

This is what the vast majority of people think.
One tries to quit and search the web for side effects and withdrawal symptoms.
All the official sites deny that antidepressants SSRIs and other drugs are addictive.
But those who search more will find blogs and many testimonies of people who are suffering the same.
After being prescribed a very powerful drug to help headache, - it's amazing but some physicians use SSRIs to help treating headache - or a troubled period of life, some people will become a mental patient that will have to search for a doctor to get the prescriptions to buy the medicines.
It's sad that it will only be possible sharing experiences with few people over the internet. Many family members and friends don't trust the words of someone who take these drugs because of impossible withdrawal.

On the other hand those who really need a help from psychiatry will not find it.
I got this statement from Free John Hunt petition:
"This treatment is unacceptable. You, the non-afflicted, can never possibly know the macabre horror of psychosis. You can observe, study, and react, but you will never relate to the hell of being incapable of escaping your own mind. At least give this man the opportunity to experience the comfort of people who love and care for him, it is his right as a human being and you are foul people for perpetuating his state of relentless isolation."

So psychiatry, the big-pharma, physicians of other fields, politicians, shareholders, FDA, APA, MHRA, WHO and all institutions or people who takes part in this scandal that medicine has turned into, are doing harm to those who sick relief, understanding, and guidance and to those who took a pill because of the use off-label and many other reasons why these drugs are being prescribed. Greed is always there.
Till when? The last cent... till the last cent.

This is also from John's petition:
"A psychiatric institution that needs to hold someone for five years has failed."
They didn't fail because all they want is to make money. Their goal is not the patient well being. This is the last thing they are thinking.
This is at Facebook:
"I've just ended working as a med nurse at a "rehabilitation" facility that has no psychotherapy whatsoever. A few of the residents have been there for years - 6, 8... And for those that are discharged, they are often back in a few weeks or months for another stay of months or years - it's a revolving door system, and a very profitable one. In my opinion, meds without psychotherapy is mere chemical restraint. I will never work as a psych nurse again.
October 23 at 9:05pm · "
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