Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday: Award day

I received these two awards this month.
The left one was given by Ana at Hella Heaven, a very close friend and someone I understand thou sometimes she surprises me and I believe it will be this way forever.
She received it from Herrad at Access Denied who was the person who gave me the "Prolific Blogger Award" at the left which Ana'HellaHeaven also received.
I will publish my list after lunch.
I'm doing my list little by little.

MyThought at MyThought


Ezequiel de A. C. said...

Eu estou muito honrado. Mas o maior prêmio de todos é a visita de pessoas como, e a ação de pessoas como você.


Ana said...

Que nada Ezequiel. Você faz um trabalho muito mais importante do que o meu que é blogar em Português todos estes absurdos.
Eu escrevinho aqui e ainda não tive coragem de expor isto aos brasileiros.
Um abraço!

D Bunker said...

Thank You so much Ana. I'm honored.

And as Ever, if we can actually get things to Really Change, I'll be only too happy to display them.

MyThought said...

Thank you! I also feel very honored :)
I added you to my Award gallery on the left of my blog.

Goffo said...

It's really lovely of you to give me an award, thanks. Thanks also for posting a link to my blog. Cheers Goffo

Ana said...