Thursday, November 05, 2009

To the American and British governments

This is the story of Jeremy whose Pearl Jam's song, at this post, talks about.
He shot his mouth with a gun in front of the class.
Sometimes I get so angry about what is being done to American and British children that I have to express it in any way.
This is the way I am remembering all those children, teenagers and adults who took their lives because of SSRI's/SRNI's-induced suicidal ideation.
I don't know why whenever I listen to the music I feel like crying. But this is me.
I don't think that the American and British government carry a bean about the lives of American and British children. Health is something that is not of any interest and it even seems to me that the world is overpopulated and if people die it is better for the income of those who have money.
I am not talking about children and people from the rest of the world.
The lasts posts I am publishing here are being done with anger.
I am sorry for that but it is beyond any explanation what American and British governments are doing to their children.

R.I.P Jeremy

Also R.I.P.
Eric Harris
Candace Downing
Sarah Carlin
Traci Johnson
Kara Baker
Kevin Rider
Woody Matters

Sharise Gatchell

There is a long list at SSRI STORIES:


SuicideAntidepressant2009-11-04England19 Year Old Hangs Self
Steals PlaneMed For Depression2009-11-04Missouri/CanadaStudent Pilot Steals Plane: Hopes To Be Shot Down For Crossing Border
MurderPaxil2009-11-04IowaWoman Attempts Suicide for 1st Time While on Paxil: Later Kills her Son
These are considered anecdotal evidence. Good Job FDA/MHRA!



Hi Ana,

The other girl I have wrote about in the past on my blog is Sharise Gatchell.

Hope this helps

Ana said...

Thank you Fiddy!
I'll put her at the list.

Paxil Lawyers said...

It's so sad and devastating that many lives were taken because of a horrible side effect of SSRIs. I couldn't help but feel the pain of the families who those people who were affected with these drugs. Pharma companies owes these people big time. Money can't just easily compensate what they have done.

Ana said...

Yes. Money can't compensate but they have to pay in money. They do it because of money.
This is outrageous: kill people or destroy lives because of money.
Health? They don't care.
Thank you for the comment.