Sunday, November 15, 2009

Call for action - Promoting Furious Seasons, what can we do?

I believe that many of us agree that Furious Seasons is one of the most important mental health blogs and should be top 1 in all blog directors and accessible to most people as possible not only for us who already know the problems Phillip raises.
I just found that Blogged has this rate for Furious Seasons:

Furious Seasons at Blogged

This is not fair! Very good? My blog is very good and I didn't do 1/100.000.000 of what Philip is doing.
I did a review because they can change the rate according to other people's reviews.
People trust in more in numbers than in words: "Oh! A top 1 blog? It's good!"
Let's try to make of Furious Seasons a source for all of those who search for mental health problems or psych-drugs being overused and all the problems we know.
I think of Philip as a kind of spokesman for all of us and I thank him for his work.
Please leave any idea of how can we make Furious Seasons appear to the public and not only for us.
Thank you.

PS: I did an award*, I think the more we at my other blog and I am asking people to leave a comment here at Hella Heaven Independent Journalism Award.
Now I think it's time for social networkings. I am not very good at it. But I will try.
Let's do it please!
Ideas, we need efficacious ways.

*we cannot wait for official recognition so let's promote our own way.
If you think I am being naive please tell me. It took me a lot of courage to do it.


Radagast said...

Well the first objective would be to up the rating to an 8.0, which would take it up onto the third page of blogs in the relevant category. It would need something in excess of an 8.4, I think, to get it onto the first page, which doesn't sound much of an increase, but there must be something in the order of 50-60 blogs in between FS and #30 on the list (which is the lowest ranked on page 1).

If Philip's right, and the climate of fear is so great that there are people out there who could help, but refuse to, because they're afraid of the repercussions, and, moreover, that the pharmaceutical industry is capable of influencing things to that extent, then we have only one choice. That is to demonstrate pharma's lie for what it is, and demonstrate it on Philip's pages. Regrettably, by the time pharma's influence has wained to the extent that people feel sufficiently "brave" to acknowledge Philip (and the rest of us, to be fair), they will no longer be needed, and that is their problem. Tant pis.



CailinMarie said...

hmmm... I did not know that there even where blog ratings! but I shall check your link and see where that leads me.

Ana said...

I am commenting a FS and I will keep on doing.
I think that it's too difficult to gather people whenever it's an opposition is being done.
I learned that from experience and this is something that always amazes me: having a cause and being unable to unite people to fight together.
I believe that we have accomplish the first part: each blogger is a voice.
I don't know if we can unite.
I don't remember who was doing a kind of Mental Health Directory and the only one that is online...
Sponsored by Pharmaceutical industry and Mayo Clinic is the top blog?
Hey! may blog is there!
I'll make a post about this.
Wow! I'm so naive! Of course it's totally believable.

thank you!
Hope you find a way.

susan said...

Ana, writing award for you at my blog... with respect.

Anonymous said...

I love Furious Seasons. The process with this whole "ratings" crap is just like cliques in high school or college. There's a lot of back slapping, behind kissing, blogrolling, and "vote for me's".

Start a viral campaign. Go twitterific, engage in facebookery,do all of that annoying crap that sucks but will move a name faster than anything.

I know for a fact that there are "winners" on the Psych central "list" that really need to be somewhere else.


Ana said...

Yes Lili!
I don't understand Psych Central either.
This is the way to go, exactly as you described.
I believe that's why it's difficult to achieve.
Bloggers do a lot of research to write their posts and sometimes some are coping with side effects, withdrawal symptoms and also with the symptoms of their real problem.
Bloging about mental health is already quite a work that move us in the highest degree because we are dealing with many serious and harmful effects, some of them lethal.
I had to stop bloging for a while because I was in a balance between sad an anger, anger and sad...
So I started a blog about nice things.
But I keep on commenting at FS.
thank you for the comment.

susan said...


I was shocked my site was on here listed as a 6 something. I wrote to them and found out they use a "formula" to get those numbers, they check the amount of words, posts, syllables, etc.

Philip gets a lot of readers, and has very influential people reading him. What they choose to do with the knowledge he imparts is not up to any of us. We can only hope they learn, we all learn, an we don't stop learning until we are 6 feet under.

Take care.

Ana said...

Yes Susan, you are right.

susan said...


check your mail from holly. will make you smile from ear to ear....don't publish photo though.