Monday, November 16, 2009

ACPP - Implementing the new general scientific paradigm to treat children with OCD in Armenia

I joined the Mental Health Resource Directory months ago when I saw it at friend's blog. The badge is still at my blog and I will leave it.
I just visited the site.
There are some good blogs but I found the Association of Child Psychiatrist and Psychologists as one of the sites as well as others that are in opposite directions. They want to implement scientific based mental health care in Armenia and, why not, Russia?

Collaboration with International pharmaceuticals industry resent PPT presentations for Janssen - Cilag and Solvay group Armenia (Year 2008).

Russian presentation for Janssen - Cilag (MS PowerPoint, 2.0 Mb)
Russian presentation for Solvay (MS PowerPoint, 1.7 Mb) (this slide-show explains how SSRI's work and take as example Paroxetine (Paxil/Seroxat) and also Fluvoxamine (Fevarin). It is written in Russian but we can understand it because it is explained as if the audience was six years-old.

Poster presentation Ziprasidone among adolescents with overlapping OCD and Tourette's syndrome (Pilot study)

This is part of the site and I put in red the laboratory and the drug.

ACPP is helping to implement scientific based mental health system in Armenia:

"In accordance with new priorities, which have been worked out by ACPP, its members are engaged in scientific work which is being covered in publications and reports at symposia, conferences and educational seminars in year 2008. The core of these works is the consolidation of the new general scientific paradigm in psychiatry and psychology representing different areas of interest to the specialty, such as affective disorders, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, eating disorders, impulsivity and impulse control disorders, diagnosis and intervention. In Year 2008 Open post marketing study of effectiveness of Fluvoxamine (Fevarin) among adolescents with severe OCD was completed. The study was conducted by support of SOLVAY Pharmaceuticals local team in Armenia."(emphasis mine)

This is part of this ACPP 2008 report.
It seems that Armenian children will receive the same treatment of the western civilization.
Why am I not happy?

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